How to Get Old Clash Royale Account Back – Have you lost your old Clash Royale account? You don’t need to worry because you can still get your old Clash Royale account back in various ways, for example with Facebook and so on.
Sometimes you won’t know if a problem comes suddenly, for example in a game or Clash Rpyale account. If your old Clash Royale account is lost then it will be a sad thing because it will eliminate all the struggles you have ever had.
Even if your Clash Royale level is already high then you will be confused and can’t do anything. Just imagine an account that always kept you entertained but has now just disappeared.
But luckily I have several steps you can take, namely how to get old Clash Royale account back that has been lost. So you can use this method to get back to playing using the old Clash Royale account.

How to Get Old Clash Royale Account Back

1. Open the Clash Royale game.
2. Go to the Settings section.
3. Select Help and support.
4. Then tap Contact Us.
5. Next, write a message stating that you want to get old Clash Royale account back, for example as follows:
Hi Supercell, I lost my old Clash Royale account, can you help me recover or get my old Clash Royale account back? The data associated with my account is as follows:
– My Username is Sluruls
– My Clan Name is Sluruls
– My Account Level is 5
– I created this account at 2017
Thank You
6. You must fill in data related to your account correctly such as account name, clan name, account level and when the account was created.
7. You must also include evidence in the form of a screenshot of your account.
8. If you have filled everything correctly, send the message.
You need to note that people who want to get old Clash Royale accounts back are not only you but there are many so sometimes a reply from Supercell will take a long time of about 3 to 7 days.
That’s how to get old Clash Royale account back. This method is quite effective if you provide the correct account information.

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