How to Read Twitter without an Account – On mobile, users must first login to be able to read Twitter without an account. But that’s too reporting and what if we don’t have a Twitter account. Of course we can’t read Twitter without an account.
This is indeed a provision by Twitter itself that if a user wants to open, view and read Twitter, the user must first login. But that only applies on mobile devices and does not apply to those who use a browser.
But luckily there is a way that you can use to read Twitter without an account so you don’t need to log into it. The method is also very easy, you only need a browser.
In the browser you have to type in a url address that leads to the search du Twitter. That way you can find anything there.
Here’s how to read Twitter without an account.

How to Read Twitter Without an Account

1. Open your browser on your mobile device or pc.
2. Then visit the link to enter the search section on Twitter.
3. Up here, you have successfully done how to open Twitter without an account.
4. Now you can search for the tweet you want to read.
Indeed, the method is very short because we directly visit the search url on Twitter. But if you use the Twitter application on mobile, you can’t do the steps above.
This is because there is no shortcut to enter the search url unless you are using a browser on a mobile device.
That’s how to read Twitter without an account. The method is very easy, right, with just a few steps you can read Twitter without an account.

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