How to Send Location On Snapchat – Sometimes users often ask for location in a chat, some of them are curious about where someone is from. This is the same as in the Snapchat application, there you can also send location on Snapchat.
Of course it is one of the extraordinary features of Snapchat that with this feature users can know each other’s current location even if the user is not from the same country.
Snapchat provides this feature so that users can introduce themselves and respect each other. Even though we are in different places, at least we can all make friends.
You can do this in a few steps to send your location on Snapchat. But that doesn’t mean you can send location to all users because there are some users that you can’t send location on Snapchat.
Here’s how to send location on Snapchat.

How to Send Location On Snapchat

1. Open your Snapchat app.
2. Make sure you are logged in.
3. Tap the person icon in the top left corner to go to your Snapchat profile.
4. In the Friends section, tap the My Friends button.
5. Tap the person or account you want to send location to on Snapchat.
6. Once your chat with that person is open, tap the avatar icon in the top left corner.
7. If the user profile is already open, tap Send My Location.
8. Grant permission by tapping Allow.
9. Here you have shared your location or send your location in Snapchat chat to that user.
10. Now you can go back to the chat section with that user and see, the location you sent will appear there.
The person, user or account to whom you have send location can see your location in Snapchat chat. More precisely can be found in the chat section.
If you can’t share your location on Snapchat with a user then make sure you are friends with them. You must send a friend request to the user and that user must also have approved the friend request that you have sent.
One more thing you need to remember that you cannot send location on Snapchat to an account that is not yet friends with your account. I hope you can understand it well.
That’s how to send location on Snapchat. The location will appear in your Snapchat chat, so you can see it whenever you want.

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