How to Send One Time View Photo in Instagram – Have you ever send one time photo on Instagram? Or have you ever seen someone do that and you were intrigued by it? How do you feel, surely you will think it’s extraordinary right.
Send one time photo on Instagram is a pretty cool feature where users can send messages in the form of photos or videos. If you have opened and read the message once, the next time you want to see the message again, the photo or video that has been sent will be lost.
The message is lost not because you delete it but will be deleted or lost automatically if you have seen it once. So this will not make your message list full.
How to send one time photo in Instagram is also very easy, of course, by doing some of the steps that I will give below.
Here’s how to send one time photo in Instagram.

How to Send One Time Photo in Instagram

1. To send one time photo on Instagram, open Instagram on your device.
2. Make sure you are logged in.
3. Enter the DM menu or tap the Message icon on Instagram.
4. Specify the user you want to send one time message.
5. Sign in or open a chat with him.
6. Tap the Camera icon.
7. Please start taking photos with the Instagram camera.
8. Tap View Once.
9. If you have, send the photo then you have successfully send photo one time on Instagram.
If the recipient takes a screenshot of the photo you have sent to him/her then you will get a notification. It’s next to the photo you’ve sent in the chat.
So how, how to send one time photo in Instagram is very easy right and now you can start trying it yourself. I hope you can understand it well because the method is not as difficult as you think.

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