How to Use Super Potions in Clash Of Clans COC – There are so many potions that we can use in the Clash Of Clans (COC) game, one of which is the super coc potion. But do you know what a super coc potion is?

Here How Eug will provide an explanation and how to use super potions in Clash Of Clans COC.

What is Super Clash Of Clans COC Potion?

Clash Of Clans COC super potion is a new potion that we can use to activate our super troop without or with black elixir. One super coc potion can activate a super troop for up to 3 days.

We can get this super coc potion from the clan game prize or by buying it for 300 gems.

Before starting the tutorial on how to use the super clash of clans coc potion, please understand in advance the conditions for using the following super clash of clans coc potion.

Terms of Using the Super Clash Of Clans COC Potion

Of course your town hall must have reached town hall level 11. Troops who want to be given super potions must reach the specified level.

For example if you want to use a super potion for a giant then the giant must be at level 9.

If you want to give a super potion to a valkyrie then the valkyrie must reach a predetermined level, namely level 7.

To see the specified troop level, you can see it in the giant troop list then select a troop.

How to Use Super Clash Of Clans COC

  1. The first step, press the building like a house which is on the upper left side.
  2. Then select the troop that you want to upgrade to a super troop.
  3. After that to upgrade a troop to a super troop, choose a super potion or black elixir.
  4. Then the platoon will become an active super platoon.


If you have activated a super troop with a super potion, the super troop will be active for 3 days.

That’s how to use the Clash Of Clans COC super potion. If you are still confused, please provide your comments. That is all and thank you.

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