Currently, Windows 11 brings more advanced features and faster performance than before. However, some devices may not support it to run. This will cause the performance of the laptop or PC to be slower. If you experience this, do the following ways to speed up Windows 11.

How to Make Windows 11 Performance Faster

Since its initial launch, several users have complained about the Windows 11 update. This is because it often occurs in the performance process. Last October, Windows 11 affected AMD Ryzen CPUs resulting in decreased performance on users’ devices. But after being repaired, Windows 11 actually had problems with the default SSD device.

According to a Beta News report on December 8, 2021, there was a significant drop in read and write speed on NVMe SSDs after some people updated their devices to Windows 11. So Microsoft finally fixed it to address the issue listed for patch KB5007262.

This update is claimed by the company if it will be a solution to an issue that can affect disk performance (NVMe, SSD, Harddisk) in Windows 11 because it performs unnecessary actions when a write operation occurs.

However, the update is only available in preview. This means that the update will not be able to occur automatically on your device as in the monthly update. Here we provide a way to install updates manually.

How to Install the Latest Version of Windows 11 Update

The solution to be able to speed up Windows 11 performance on your device is to install Windows 11 with the latest version. Here’s how:

  • Open in the settings menu
  • On the left pane, select “Windows Update”
  • Then click on “Check for Updates”
  • If KB5007262 is available, click on that option. Wait until the process of downloading and installing automatically.
  • When finished, restart your laptop or PC to apply the update.
  • The process has been completed.

If the update menu does not appear in the “Settings” menu, then you can download it from the official Microsoft Update Catalog. Choose the x64 version, unless your device has an ARM-based processor. If you want to know what has been updated in the KB5007262 update, you can check it out on the Microsoft website directly.

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