How to Move Apps To SD Card Easily– Everyone must have an android device with different specifications, especially the small internal memory capacity. Because with the lack of data storage on your Android, of course this will be a big problem for you.

Where when you can not install too many applications. Because every application usually has a data file or cache that eats up internal memory. Actually How to Move Android Application Data To SD Card very easy, especially for users who have Kitkat and Lollipop based operating systems.

The Advantages of This Latest Version of OS

Can identify which applications can be moved to your SD Card. But of course not all applications can be moved to external memory. Well, to free up space on your Android internal storage, here we have a way that you can use to move apps to SD card. Here below is how to move applications to the SD card.

AppMgr III

Is a mobile application that allows each user to more easily move applications and their data to external or internal storage. Not only has this advantage, this application is actually also able to manage Android applications with just a few touches. In this application, you will see several menus in it, including:


This menu helps the user to see all the apps installed on your android, whether they can be moved to external storage or not.

On SD Card

Users can see which apps were successfully moved to external memory or have been installed to SD Card storage.

Phone Only

In this menu, users will see which apps cannot be moved to external storage or SD Card. And by using the Hide-Able menu users can later hide system or default apps from the app drawer.


Users can also disable some applications easily through this menu. Apart from having cool features as above, this app also makes it easy for you to easily uninstall each app with just a few touches.

By moving applications to external storage, of course this makes your Android’s internal memory more spacious. Another plus is that the load on your Android phone is reduced, or you could say it reduces the lag problem that often occurs on your smartphone.

But you need to remember, there are some apps on Android that sometimes can’t be moved to external storage.

Moving Apps Through Android’s Built-in Features

In this second method, you can later move applications on Android using the default mobile data application feature on your Android. Well, here’s how to move applications to the SD card that you can follow:

  • Go to the Settings menu on your Android.
  • After that you can enter the application manager, if you use English then what is read is the application manager.
  • Then tap the Downloaded menu or an application that is already installed on your Android.
  • Select the apps you want to move to external storage or SD card.

There are some apps on your android that you may not be able to move to SD Card. Well, so that it can be moved, the only way is to do root access first. Unfortunately, rooting Android can void your phone’s warranty.

Now, you already understand two easy ways that you can use to move apps on Android. By moving app data to external storage, Android at least has more storage space or internal memory.

That’s my explanation about How to Move Apps To SD Card hopefully useful, thank you.

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