The battery is a resource storage component in the device, without a battery it is certain that your device will not turn on unless there is a replacement power source.

Actually the battery on every device has a usage period limit, the problem is that not all users understand this. So, users often use perfunctory devices, causing the battery to damage faster than a predetermined limit

Likewise the battery on mobile devices, one of the problems that has the potential to make the battery damaged faster and is often experienced is Battery Over Temperature. Maybe some of you have experienced it, you need to pay attention as a smart user, don’t take this problem lightly.

In this article, a simple guide will be presented as a first step to taking care of the cellphone so that a continuous Battery Over Temperature does not occur. Also as an anticipatory step to avoid faster battery damage, as for how, see the following explanation.

Use a charger that fits your phone

Every cellphone charger must have a different voltage. Usually, if the voltage is not matched it will cause problems, such as the touchscreen moving on its own. In addition, it is also possible to cause battery over temperature problems.

The charger on each device has a different voltage, especially for the latest devices that support fast charging usually have a fairly high grace period. So, mobile phone users need to be careful when charging, don’t randomly charge a different type of charger.

So, use a charger that has a voltage that matches your cellphone, or it would be better to use an original charger. With discipline in paying attention to this, your cellphone battery will be more durable.

Avoid using your cellphone when it’s still in charge

The activity of cellphone users is wrong and often done is to operate the cellphone in a charged cellphone state. Though this activity is one of the triggers why the phone gets hot quickly.

Just like humans, every device also needs time to rest. Therefore, it is best to give your device a break during the charge period. Setting aside 2-3 hours not to operate the cellphone is not difficult, in order to maintain the durability of your cellphone and the risk of damage faster, it’s better to get used to it.

Clean HP Connector and Battery

Care about the cleanliness of the cellphone must also be considered, it could be the hot temperature due to the amount of dust on the components of your device. Thus, the temperature that should be able to come out of the phone is blocked because of the large amount of dust that clogs. Some simple ways you can try is to open your phone and do some cleaning. Cleaning can use tissue or air pressure

Change the battery

If indeed your cell phone battery is no longer possible to use. Usually, it is marked by frequent errors in the battery meter symbol, causing the phone to often turn off or restart without notification. It can be ascertained that there is damage to the battery and you should replace the battery.

Hopefully after you replace your cell phone battery can be normal again and Battery Over Temperature can subside. So that your phone will be more optimal to operate again.

Excessive use of your phone

Another activity that should not be done but is still often done is excessive use. Often it is gamers who do this, when it is on play, it is certain that it is very difficult for gamers to stop playing games.

Plus the games that are played are classified as heavy games, forcing the components on the cellphone to work harder. As a result, the phone becomes hot often and the risk of damage becomes greater. With the exception of mobile phones that are specifically designed for game users, they are usually designed to be more resistant to high usage.

Anything in excess must have a bad impact, as well as devices such as cellphones. Moderate use is a safe way to keep your phone durable and long-lasting.

Those are some efforts to take care of the cellphone, do the steps suggested properly and correctly. If the user is disciplined in carrying out maintenance on the cellphone, it can be ensured to avoid Battery Over Temperature or HP that quickly heats up. Hopefully helpful, and thank you

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