How to Send Mobile Legends Data- Mobile legends is a very solid Analog MOBA game. This game is popular since 2016 until now. Even today, there are still many players compared to AOV and League of Legends: Wild Rift games.

The size of the Mobile Legends game at the beginning of your download is only about 100 MB, but after opening you have to download data whose size is unknown, but only the percentage of downloads continues from 0-100% on the main page.

If you don’t download it to 100% then you won’t see the skin and what’s worse, certain heroes will be in the form of balls of light that make you dizzy. Basically skins and hero shapes are 3d model assets that have a decent size of data, considering the large number of ML heroes.

But it can’t be helped, so that ML can be played to the maximum, it is absolutely mandatory to download the ML data file up to 100%. Apart from discussing How to Send Mobile Legends Data I will inform you of the problems when downloading ML in terms of quota, connection, and time:

  • Mobile Legends Data Download Problem
  • Mobile Legends data size is actually 100% = about 2.5 GB.
  • When downloading it will still be slow even though our internet is fast.
  • Download Trapped
  • PING interrupt or red signal.
  • It becomes difficult to enter the match.
  • Want to Save Quota.
  • Materials for Sending FULL Mobile Legends Data
  • Ingredients: SHAREit or ShareMe.
  • Ingredients: File Manager, Suggestions: “CX File Manager” (small, no ads, free).

Well luckily I have my own way to be able to share ML data files with friends without the hassle of downloading gigabytes of Mobile Legends data. The trick is to send Full 100% Mobile Legends data using SHAREit or ShareMe.

How to Send Mobile Legends Data

This method does not use MB DATA if you already have SHAREit and File Manager. Follow the steps carefully so there are no problems. Steps for Sender:

  • Open SHAREit then Send to Menu file Internal storage to Android to data then click
  • Check file folder
  • If you want all apks, check the Mobile Legends APK in the Applications menu
  • Send As Usual.
  • Steps for Recipient:
  • Receive File from Sender, wait for it to finish.
  • Open File Manager-Internal storage-SHAREit-application-Install APK Mobile Legends.
  • Run Mobile Legends and close it immediately after entering the loading screen.
  • Back to Folder SHAREit-files – Move the files folder or file folder containing ML data.
  • Move to Internal storage- If there is already a files folder, it is better to delete it first.

Benefits of Sending 100% Complete ML Data

  • Save Quota
  • Saving time
  • Can directly Mabar.
  • Does not interfere with the connection when in the initial Lobby / Home.
  • All Skins, Arcades, and menus are complete.

Can Mobile Legends data be sent? The answer is yes. We can easily send ML Game data using the SHAREit application. The SHAREit application must be familiar to us Smartphone users.


Is the best file sender application that is most widely used today all over the world. Its ability to send various files quickly by connecting a WiFi Hotspot between two devices makes this application very popular. Allows us to send files from mobile to mobile or to PC.

Mobile Legends game or ML

This game was developed by Moonton and can now be played via Android smartphones. Mobile Legend was first present in 2016 ago and has now reached season 17 in Mobile Legends. This game always presents the latest updates every month.

That’s my explanation about knowing How to Send Mobile Legends Data, hopefully it’s useful, thank you.


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