Effective Ways to Increase Steam Download Speed

For PC gamers, of course, you are familiar with the Steam site. This site contains many games with various genres. But not a few users complain about the very slow download speed. Even though this can be overcome easily, but there are still many who do not know it. Here we will provide a way to increase Steam download speed.

Changing Steam Server Location

Of course Steam has tons of servers around the world. So that the program will automatically track the whereabouts of the user’s location. Then the server closest to the user’s location will connect to it. The cause of the decreased download speed occurs because the Steam program is estimating the user’s location. This can be minimized by changing the server location, here’s how;

  1. Click on the Steam menu
  2. Select the Settings button
  3. Go to the Download tab
  4. In the Download Region, select Indonesia

If you want to maximize the download process, then you can activate No Limit in the Limit bandwidth to option. Then click Ok, after that you will do the download process. This method is very effective for increasing download speed, because usually Steam speed will increase sharply.

Prioritizing Internet Connection On Steam App

There are other ways you can do to increase Steam download speed. This method is to prioritize internet connections only on the Steam application. To do this, here’s how;

  1. Open the Task Manager menu
  2. Then right click on the Steam Client menu
  3. Select Go to details
  4. Right click on .exe then click on Set priority > Normal

After that you will continue the download process as usual. You can also apply this method to other applications such as Internet Download Manager, Chrome, and others.

Stopping Other Running Apps

You need to know that the more applications you run simultaneously that also use the internet network will have an impact on the download speed on Steam. Some of these applications, for example, are Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Download Manager, and other applications.

So that the more applications that are running, then your internet network will also be divided. This of course affects the download speed of Steam games. Close unnecessary applications so that your internet connection is focused on downloading Steam games.

Connect Internet Using Cable

If you are using Wi-Fi at home, there must be an ethernet cable to connect to the internet connection. It’s good if you use the cable as an alternative to get a better speed. So that the Steam download process will be faster for you to do.

Some of the ways above you can do so that the process of downloading Steam games is faster. These methods are very likely to have a very significant effect. But you need to remember if basically the quality of your internet network is bad then the download speed will also be slow.

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