Can the Sony PlayStation 5 Dual Sense Controller be connected to an iPhone or iPad? the answer is “can” like how to do it see the description below.

After the launch of its newest console, the PlayStation 5, Sony has released the latest PS5 controller, which is named “DualSense” with cooler features compared to the previous generation, namely “DualShock”.

DualSense comes with features that pamper PS5 console connoisseurs, because it can be connected to an iPhone or iPad. So you can feel the sensation of playing games like a console on your cellphone which makes the playing experience more enjoyable.

Here’s how to connect a PS5 DualSense stick to iPhone and iPad

The first condition you have to take is that your iPhone or iPad must have been updated to the iOS 14.5 version, or the latest OS version. this means that you have to adjust to an iPhone or iPad that supports that OS. If everything has been met, you can continue to follow the following command:

  • Dual Senses must be in pairing mode by pressing the “logo” button and the “Create” button at the same time
  • Wait for the DualSense Controller touchpad to turn blue and blink twice.
  • Next, once DualSense has been activated in pairing mode, enable “Bluetooth.” on iPhone or iPad
  • Connect Bluetooth to DualSense Controller
  • Make sure the touchpad LED on the DualSense has turned orange, indicating that the Bluetooth Controller and the Bluetooth iPhone or iPad are connected.

Here’s How to Find Games with PS5 DualSense

Users should also pay attention to whether the type of game on your iPhone or iPad has support from DualSense Controller. Not all games on Apple Arcade are with Dual Sense. So, it’s useless if the game you have doesn’t support Dual Sense.

To check if an Apple Arcade game has controller support, simply go to the App Store page of that game and scroll down. Look in the section called “Support” just below the link to the developer’s website and privacy policy. If your Apple Arcade game includes controller support, you’ll see “Game Controllers” listed in this section.

To check if a game on your iPhone or iPad has support with Controle, simply visit the games page on the App Store and scroll down. Check the “Support” section, if it has support for Apple Arcade it will list “Game Controller”

These are the steps you have to take if you want to play games on iPhone and iPad using the PS5 DualSense Controller, as well as how to find games that are compatible with the Controller. For those of you who want to find more information about games, technology, more tips and tricks, only at amelinus.

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