Here’s How To Add Stickers In Wa From File- WhatsApp has since some time ago added a sticker feature for its users. Users can be more expressive in communicating, with this addition. But not only that, the sticker feature on WhatsApp also supports adding new stickers from other developers and even our own photos. Following How to Add Stickers in wa from files.

How to add stickers in wa directly from the application

For your own photo stickers, you can read this tutorial. Well, now we will discuss adding different stickers where we will use stickers created by third party developers, outside of WhatsApp.

First, run WhatsApp and then open one of the chats, it can be private or group chat. Then tap on the chat window and tap on the sticker icon. Tap the plus sign (+) to add a new sticker. When the sticker collection appears, you can add stickers by tapping the download button marked with the down arrow. If the download is successful, the mark will change to a check mark.

But if you want to add more stickers that aren’t here, tap the Get More Stickers button. You will then be taken directly to the Play Store with a selection of stickers that are there.

Directly Search for Play Store Stickers

Look for WA Stickers, Select one then tap Install. Once installed, now run the sticker application. Select the desired sticker pack and tap the Add Stickers to WhatsApp button. Tap Add when a notification like this appears.

Done, now go back to WhatsApp and open the sticker panel, then you will find the sticker that was just added earlier. You have successfully added a new sticker to WhatsApp. Repeat the steps above if you want new stickers again. Below we will also discuss To go online in WA completely gone

In order to be able to maintain your privacy by eliminating WhatsApp’s online status, a few additional steps are actually needed. Here’s how to get rid of online status on WhatsApp completely.

How to make WhatsApp stickers without additional applications

  • Go to the address.
  • Log-in by scanning the barcode from the WhatsApp application on your mobile.

After the WhatsApp account on the phone and the web is connected, follow these steps:

  1. Open the chatroom/chat room you want to send WhatsApp to
  2. Click the “attach” button which is a paper clip icon
  3. Select sticker icon
  4. Select an image from the computer gallery that you want to edit to become a sticker
  5. Edit images as desired. Images can be cropped, added text, or added emojis.
  6. When finished editing, click the submit button or the arrow to the right

Like stickers in general, users can save or add to favorites to enrich the collection, and share them with other users.

Make WhatsApp Stickers Using on iOS

As for users smartphone iOS like iPhone or iPad, you can use which is available in the App Store. There are several steps that can be followed as follows:

  • Open the application, then click the plus icon at the bottom and select Regular.
  • Enter the photo you want to use as a sticker.
  • Then, delete background by using three options such as Auto, Manualand Crop.
  • After background deleted, then you can be creative with the sticker.
  • When finished, click Text to add text and click Emoji to add emoji to the sticker.
  • Then, click Next and save the sticker.
  • Click New Pack to add a sticker to a new sticker pack or click Add if you want to add to a previously created package.
  • After that, select Add to WhatsApp so that the sticker can be used.

Personal Stickers For WhatsApp from File Manager/Gallery

In the Play Store, you can also search with the keywords Personal Sticker for WhatsApp. This application is for installing stickers that have been made to WhatsApp. Before moving on to make your own WhatsApp stickers, first prepare at least 3 photos that will be used as stickers. Because there are conditions for making your own stickers at least 3 pieces. It is recommended that the prepared photo has a plain background. Even better, white will make it easier to remove the background later. Here are the steps to make WhatsApp stickers with your own photos:

  • To add stickers to WhatsApp, the steps are very easy, namely:
  • Open the Personal Stickers for WhatsApp application.
  • After opening the application, look for the photo that has been prepared, it will usually appear at the top.
  • Select “add” to add the stickers that we have prepared to WhatsApp
  • If you have saved your sticker pack then return to the start menu
  • click “add to whatsapp” then your sticker will automatically be available on Whatsapp

Your custom stickers are already on WhatsApp and can be used and make your chats more interesting. That’s how to make WhatsApp stickers with your own photos. Easy isn’t it? Besides being able to create your own WhatsApp stickers, you can also save stickers that friends send to you.

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