Easy Ways To Activate Dark Mode On Twitter, Here’s How

Dark mode on Twitter has recently become a trend that many users do. How to activate it is very different, depending on the device you are using. Of course, how to activate this feature is different on iOS, PC, Android, and also your laptop.

In this feature, the screen theme will be black and will make users more comfortable. The reason is that this feature will make you feel at home playing applications for a long time compared to a normal or white screen. The dark mode feature on Twitter is useful for saving battery when using the application. In addition, this feature also keeps the light beam entering the eye from being too bright.

How to Activate Dak Mode on Android and iOS

Basically there is no significant difference in activating the Twitter dark mode feature on Android or iOS. Here is how;

  • Open your Twitter account, then enter the profile menu.
  • Select the profile menu in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • After that, several options will appear, then select the light icon in the upper left corner.
  • Select on the icon to make it dark mode.

How to Enable Dark Mode on a Laptop or PC

If you want to activate dark mode on the web browser that you are using, the dark mode feature will automatically activate when you access it. This is because the Twitter site applies the prefers-colour-scheme setting which will automatically change the display to dark mode on the web browser.

But if the browser site does not automatically replace it with dark mode on the Twitter site. You can also enable it manually as follows;

  • Open your Twitter account in a web browser.
  • Click on the “Settings and privacy” menu
  • Then select on the “Display” menu
  • You can set the dark mode to your liking, “Dim”, “Lights out”, or “Default”
  • The last step is you set the highlight color according to your taste

It’s very easy, how to change the look Is your Twitter into dark mode? That way, of course you can be more comfortable using the Twitter application. Hopefully this review can be useful for you!

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