Are you users or just bought the latest Vivo smartphone and want to display a watermark with your own name? For those of you who don’t know how, you can listen to the following ways to apply it.

Indeed, nowadays many smartphone manufacturers are competing to provide the best quality of their products. One of them is Vivo which is in great demand by the public. Some of the reasons are because of the quality of the camera. We will explain how to replace the watermark on the camera with your name.

Changing Watermark on Vivo Smartphone with Own Name

Actually it is not difficult to replace the watermark on Vivo smartphones with your name. The method is also not convoluted and simple. Follow the following ways to be able to apply it to your Vivo smartphone.

  1. First, download and install the Shot on vivo camera & shot on stamp application. Wait until the process is complete, then open the application.
  2. Second, please edit the watermark or text you want on your Vivo smartphone camera display. Here, you can make changes to the font, size, color, position, and size of the watermark. Including you can replace it with your name.

When finished, then save. Next, open the default camera on Vivo and take a photo.

A sign if the process has been successful, the photo from the Vivo camera will display a watermark in the form of Shot on Vivo accompanied by the Vivo smartphone brand with your name or the text you entered earlier.

Types of Vivo Smartphones that Can Display and Change the Watermark on the Camera

For those of you users or new buyers of Vivo smartphones, here are some types of Vivo smartphones that you can change the watermark for. Watermark editing on Vivo smartphones can be done without an application or with the help of other applications.

Among these types are; Vivo Y, Vivo V Series, Vivo X Series, Vivo Z Series, Vivo S Series. As well as on several other latest types of Vivo.

That’s the way to replace the watermark on a Vivo smartphone with your name or something else. Pretty easy and fast right? Hopefully it can be useful for you. Good luck!


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