How To Download Photos,Videos,Igtv,Reels On Ig– If you want Download Photos, Videos, IGTV Or Reels from Instagram easily, you can try the services IGramiGram,, snapinsta. app and This is the reason why Instagram is so popular because it provides a variety of features.

The use of Instagram is increasing during the COVID-19 pandemic because it can entertain many people when human movement is restricted. Not only that, the use of Instagram can also now be a profession that can make money.

Here’s how you usually do it: Open the Instagram app or site, Copy the URL of the photo, video, carousel or IGTV, Paste the link, you will get results with several quality options, download the one that suits your needs.

Following are some popular sites that you can use to download Photos, Videos, IGTV and Reels: iGram,,, Photos, Videos, IGTV, downloaded on Instagram are usually kept privately for keepsakes or collections. In addition, the downloaded results can also be re-shared with other Instagram users.

Even though you are already a user, do you know what Instagram is and what is its history? Here we will discuss about basic information about Instagram. If you want to know more, please watch until the end.

Instagram Features And Functions For Beginners (Basic)

IG is constantly updating its app. Hence there are many new features which are always introduced to the users. Among some of the features that beginners should know are:

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Upload Photos And Videos (Feeds)

You can create a post by clicking on the positive button on the homepage when you are logged in. When posting, users can directly edit photos, crop videos, set video covers, and much more. Users can also provide a caption or description to provide the location of the post.

Insta story

Users can also post videos, photos, texts, and boomerangs with their own creativity on insta stories (snapgrams). This post only lasts 24 hours and will disappear from the story after that. Unlike a feed, which is a permanent post until the user deletes it or takes other action.

Like, Comment, Share and Save

There is also a feature to like posts marked with a heart shape. If your post is good, it can get a lot of likes. Well, if you want to get lots of likes, there are free Instagram likes tips here.

You can also leave comments and forward them via DM (Direct Message) to followers or contact persons. If you want to save the post, there’s also an envelope-like button you can click on. Later, the saved posts will enter one of the menus on your profile.


Instagram also has IG TV. Here, users can post videos of longer duration. Followers or other users can give their likes and comments on this post.


This is a unique search feature on IG. If you usually do a search on the search page, it’s actually the same on IG. It’s just that, to collect posts with the same theme. For example, Indonesian cuisine, Baking, or others can use hashtags or hashtag ig.

Direct Message (DM)

If the user wants to exchange messages privately with followers or other users, then use the Direct Message feature. It’s like inbox when on facebook. IG is always updating about features, so users must also be ready for any changes. For more information you can visit

That’s my explanation of how Download Photos,Videos,Igtv,Reels on ig hopefully useful, thank you.

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