How to Easy Ways to Live Stream on Telegram that can be done – Live Stream can be an exciting mandatory agenda when hanging out with a partner or friend. Watching your favorite movies together is fun, but when the Covid pandemic continues and new variants emerge that never end, distance is the most common problem.

So that there are lots of online watching applications that are now being hunted by millennials. With the help of this app, you can watch movies with your boyfriend or friends online. Take it easy, the sensation is still fun and worth a try.

Each application has a mainstay feature on offer, although there are some that require users to subscribe. Well, in this article, we will discuss how How to Nobar on Telegram:

How to Live Stream on Telegram

To share the screen to watch together alone is very easy to do. For more details, you can directly follow the following short guide:

Open the Telegram app on your phone. After that invite friends and create a new group chat on Telegram. Then make a group call with your friends. Then once connected, you can activate the Share Screen feature at the top of the screen.

Here you will share your mobile screen view and it can be seen by all connected friends. Then just search and open the movie you want to watch with your friends. Done, now you can launch in Telegram.

How to be Live Stream During a Pandemic

By trying one of the several recommended online watching apps above, you can still show your favorite movies easily anywhere and anytime as long as the internet connection is stable.

The Advantages of Telegram That Whatsapp Doesn’t Have

Telegram is a well-known messaging application with a very large number of users spread throughout the world, and is also one of the messaging applications with the largest number of users besides WhatsApp and Line.

Telegram also has many users in Indonesia, although it is not as popular as WhatsApp. Many Indonesians use Telegram but not as a daily use but as a second messaging application because of the various advantages that WhatsApp does not have.

We ourselves and maybe many people use the Telegram application and really like it because of the various advantages that WhatsApp does not have. We will explain about the advantages of Telegram that WhatsApp does not have. What are the advantages of Telegram that WhatsApp does not have? Below, we explain some of the advantages of Telegram that WhatsApp does not have.

Storage using cloud servers

With cloud server storage, incoming Telegram chats will not be stored on the device storage but stored on the cloud server so it will not fill your storage, however you can still save the chats that you think are important for device storage.

Easy Login Verification System

Now the second advantage that we found on Telegram is an easy login verification system that allows you to login Telegram on other devices without having to bother using a verification code sent to a phone number.

Have a large group capacity and broadcast channel

Many WhatsApp users face problems when creating a group community but are constrained by the very large number of members while the capacity of group members on WhatsApp is only a maximum of 256 people.

Have Lots of Super Useful Chat Bots

Basically a bot is a program that has been set up to do something automatically. Well, in Telegram, there are many super useful bots, each of which has a different unique function.

That’s my explanation about easy How to Nobar on Telegram that can be done may be useful, thank you.

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