How To Get Married In Best Sakura School Simulator Game- Playing games is now a favorite of almost everyone, especially when there are android games. Of course we are much easier to play the game. Thousands of games are already available on playstore that you can download for free. You can also search for different genres in the playstore, including one of the simulation games that is quite extraordinary and is also being hunted by game lovers, namely Sakura School Simulator.

Sakura School Simulator

It’s a game from Japan that tells the story of a school environment, for those of you who don’t know how to play it, here we will provide How To Get Married In Sakura School Simulator which we share below.

About Sakura school simulator

In this Sakura School Simulator game, players can explore the small town of Sakura Town, create characters, talk, and visit other characters’ houses. In fact, this game also gives players the option to pamper the city.

The control of this game is simple as it has navigation buttons by moving your thumb. Moving to the left, the player will move the character in the scenario, while the right will perform physical or physical actions such as attacking, speaking, and activating the jetpack.

Players can choose a male or female character, change eye color, and change clothes and hairstyles to their liking. Another fun factor is that players can play by selecting the activity they want to play.

Like making your own story like in real life, there are many other plot options. In this game there are no killing scenes, just regular attacks. If a character will faint after attacking them, they will feel annoyed or resentful and chase after the character that attacked them.

The graphic quality of this game is very attractive. The recommended device is to use a smartphone with 3GB RAM or more and have a SoC with a higher Snapdragon 820 chain. Here below is the tutorial.

How to get married in Sakura School Simulation

For female characters, change clothes first with a weeding dress. After that, you can change into a male character by clicking on the Boy button in the menu and then changing your outfit to a tuxedo as a wedding outfit.

Go find Love Potions: love potions are in the house of the woman you want to marry or it could be on the roof of the hospital. Give your love potion to the woman you love. After giving the love potion while still wearing the wedding dress, all you have to do is select the Actions menu and select Carry, then pick up your girlfriend and take her to the wedding hall or Weeding Chappel.

It’s time to do the wedding

Once you arrive at the Weeding Chappel or the wedding hall, simply talk to the priest. Praise the pastor for helping in our marriage. For the wedding to take place at night, to switch to night mode, you can exit the building and click the blue circle button to switch from day to night.

Tips for a More Exciting Wedding

To make the wedding look more exciting, we can also invite people or classmates to come watch the wedding. The trick is all you have to do is turn into a child character then you go to school, invite everyone to interact 6 times and vote follow me so they follow you.

Invite as many people as you can and then go to the wedding hall with the friends you invited. Once everyone is gathered in the wedding hall, you can change your personality again and move on with the wedding.

That’s my explanation about this How To Get Married In Sakura School Simulator best game hopefully useful, thank you.