Recommendations for some of the best applications on Android phones- Applications that repeatedly hit for Android phones appear almost every day, be it new applications or old applications that have quite a lot of users around the world. Then are any of you Android smartphone users who don’t want to be left behind with current trends, especially in terms of social media.

If yes, then you are right on the latest article from Phoneranx on this one. But the conclusion from the application that repeatedly hits below, we do not only focus on social media applications, so for those of you who like to try new applications, we can be sure that some of our application instructions can be used for you to try.

A number of The Best Apps On Android Phones which we can convey not only for your social media needs, but also as an application that can be used as a means of communication. Now talking about applications made by Google, maybe there is no need to doubt it because Google has always been a fairly successful developer with various kinds of applications.

In addition, there is also a game application called Ludo King which is one of the most popular applications today. By installing applications that are currently popular on smartphone devices, of course you can not only get new experiences, of course you can also enjoy new sensations that are similar to when using other smartphone applications such as the Latest Girl Game application. For that, please see the recommendations for the best applications on Android phones the next hits to be able to try it.

Hypstar Or Vigo Video

Hypstar doesn’t just edit videos, with this app you can also shoot unique videos at the same time. You can use this application to add filters, stickers, or text in videos, not only that, you can also record unique videos that only last 15 seconds.

Kwai Go

If you like to follow the development of Korean artists, then there is nothing wrong if you try to install an application called Kwai Go. This application, which is currently a hit among Android smartphone users, is almost similar to Hypstar.

DU Recorder

So, if you want to make your smartphone screen as a WhatsApp or Instagram stand, you can try an application that is currently popular among Android smartphone users, namely Du Recorder.

By using this application, of course, you can record your cellphone screen while doing the activity you are doing again. In addition to the application size which is very small and easy to use, the steps for using it are very simple and easy.

Google Duo

Although it is not a new application available on the Play Store market at this time, recently Google Duo, which is an application made by Google, is currently being popular. The application that we can use to make video calls is arguably a pretty perfect and good application. Apart from being able to display clear and clear images, there is not a single application that repeats these hits, including having a very attractive user interface.


For those of you who are currently looking for a chat application but equipped with games, you can really do this if you install this application called Hago. This application, which is currently popular among young people, can be used to play light games with fellow Hago users. Interestingly, this application can also be used as a facility to find friends at once. In addition, there is also an excellent feature, namely voice chat.

That’s my explanation about some recommendations The Best Apps On Android Phones hopefully useful, thank you.

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