The lightest recommended browser application

Browsing or surfing the internet, of course, we cannot avoid as internet network users. Only by using a quota or Wi-Fi package, we can find out an infinite variety of information.

We can browse using a smartphone, tablet, PC, or laptop. However, not everyone is comfortable when doing it. This is because of the difference in specs, so for those who have low specs, browsing activities can be disrupted. I don’t know if it’s due to lagging or a very long page load. Here’s a lightweight browser application recommendation for you;


This browser application was abandoned by its users because it was considered too outdated and the features in it were not as many as other applications. But that is no longer the case now because Opera is famous for being the lightest browser from other browser applications. Moreover, Opera is equipped with a unique feature, namely VPN Unlimited which can be used to open locked websites. Not only that, Opera also has a built-in ad-blocker that is useful so that you avoid annoying ads while browsing.


2. Mozilla Firefox Quantum

Mozilla released its newest browser application in 2017, they claim that this browser is so fast and light that it can beat Google Chrome. Mozilla has a faster download speed when compared to Chrome which is as much as a fraction of a second. This browser is actually not much different from Mozilla Firefox in general, but Mozilla is very minimal in RAM usage.

3. Tor Browser

In addition to the two browser applications above, it turns out that Tor Browser also doesn’t use up too much of your RAM performance. Of course this is very suitable if the specs you have are not too high. One thing that is quite special about Tor Browser is its security features. So we don’t have to worry about the security of our data. In addition, when we use the Tor Browser, we cannot be tracked at all.

4. Vivaldi

Maybe we are a little unfamiliar with this one browser. Vivaldi is the latest browser application released in 2016 by Opera who is also the CEO of Vivaldi Technoogies. They are Stephenson von Tetzchner and Tatsuki Tomita. Until now, Vivaldi’s users have more than 1.9 million active users on the internet. This is because Vivaldi has a lot of customization features. This browser is also relatively light because it minimizes RAM usage.

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