Hello Friend! This time we will discuss saving tips when you want to buy a smartphone. It turns out that with only Rp. 2,000, we can buy it. By saving it continuously, of course you will be able to buy the smartphone you want.

Actually, it’s quite easy to buy a smartphone according to the specifications you want. You only need to save Rp. 2,000 from your daily allowance and you will be able to buy your version of the best smartphone. Immediately, here are the tips.

Tips for Saving 2000 Money to Buy a Smartphone

  1. Know the price of the smartphone you want

First, you have to know and determine how much the price of the smartphone you want. That way, you will know the estimated time you need to buy a smartphone by saving only Rp. 2,000.

  1. Save regularly, don’t be hollow

Second, you have to save regularly every day and don’t get lost. You have to set aside as much as IDR 2,000 from your pocket money every day. That way, over time your savings will increase.

  1. Looking for freelance or side work

Third, you can look for freelance or side work so that you can save more money. So you will get additional money with a larger amount. This of course will speed up you to be able to buy a smartphone.

Ways So You Can Buy A Smartphone By Saving 2000

First, Si X must know and determine what kind of smartphone he wants to buy along with the price. Then Si X wants to buy a Samsung Galaxy M11 3/32GB smartphone that costs no more than 2 million.

So he can estimate that he can buy the smartphone by saving as much as Rp. 2,000. This means that in one year, Si X can collect as much as IDR 720,000. This amount can be calculated in this way;

IDR 2,000 x 30 = IDR 60,000 (in a month)

IDR 60,000 x 12 = IDR 720,000 (in one year)

In November, the price of the Samsung Galaxy M11 3/32GB was IDR 1,727,000. meaning, Si X still needs Rp. 1.007,000 to be able to buy the smartphone.

In order to overcome this, finally Si X increases his money by looking for a side job to be able to increase his money. Si X, who is still in elementary school, is very diligent in helping his father and mother clean the house, so he is given an allowance of Rp. 2,000.

So from his pocket money, in one year Si X will get an additional IDR 720,000. so that the amount of money collected is Rp. 1,440,000. the money is only around IDR 287,000 again to be able to buy the desired smartphone.

In addition, Si X also studies diligently so that he gets a prize money for being the class champion. The money he got was Rp. 500,000. With the prize money and savings he has accumulated, he can now buy a Samsung Galaxy M11 3/32GB.

Well, besides that, Si X also still gets the remaining money from buying the smartphone. So that from the rest he can save it again to buy other necessities. That way, he could use the money in case of an emergency.

Well, those are tips and ways to save as much as IDR 2,000 so you can buy the smartphone you want. Indeed, the time required is not short and requires patience. Getting started doesn’t have to be in bulk. Good luck!

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