It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or just someone who likes to draw on a laptop, then the following collection of applications can be the best choice for you to use.

Actually, if your laptop is installed with Windows OS, then there is already a drawing application on your laptop that you can use, namely Paint.

Unfortunately, the app Paint It has minimal features, so many people choose another type that is more sophisticated, even if they have to spend a bit more.

In fact, the application that we have compiled below manages to combine a lot of unique features starting from creating dots and lines to coloring and finishing.

The list of applications for drawing on the best laptops selected by is as follows:

Corel Painter 2021

drawing application on laptop (corel painter)

The first laptop drawing application that we recommend is Corel Painter. Like Rendang and Nasi Goreng which are icons of local Indonesian cuisine, Corel Painter 2021 is a the star drawing app among digital painters.

There is almost no computer artist who doesn’t know Corel Painter 2021, which makes it a top choice for you to try.

Corel Painter 2021 offers more than 900 types of realistic-looking brushes, a variety of paper textures, and an easy-to-customize canvas appearance.

Besides being compatible with laptops, this king of drawing apps also offers feature support sidecar for anyone who prefers to draw digitally on iPad Pro.

Adobe Illustrator 2021

drawing application on laptop (adobe illustrator)

Adobe Illustrator 2021 can be said to be a serious rival to Corel Draw 2021! Even Adobe users are quite militant and cannot be separated by any brand of drawing application on any laptop.

It’s just that Adobe tends not to be recommended for those of you who are just learning to draw on a computer thanks to its features that are too complicated.

Of course, this wealth of features is provided to meet the needs of more experienced artists, because the more we delve into the world of digital drawing, the more techniques and techniques will emerge. tools which we want to use.

Unlike Corel Draw 2021 which sells for $429, Adobe Illustrator 2021 requires us to rent it for $21 per month.

The price can indeed make our pockets scream. But when compared to the services and features it provides, the dollar figure is nothing!

Krita [Free]

drawing application on laptop (Krita)

If for example you feel that Adobe and Corel above are too expensive, especially for a beginner, then the alternative can be to use our 3rd best option, namely Krita.

You can use this application for free because it is an open source. However, never underestimate the features and ease of use when using it!

In fact, there are still many professionals who still use Krita as a drawing buddy and make a lot of money from the art they create.

Clip Studio Paint Pro

image application on laptop (clip studio)

Clip Studio Paint Pro might be one of the must-have apps for digital comic and manga artists.

The reason is, this application provides tens of thousands of features and features shape related to making comics, which we can find easily and can be molded custom with just a few clicks.

Not only that! Clip Studio Paint Pro also provides 3D models that will help us as beginners in drawing figures from different angles.

Of course, even experienced mangaka or comic artists will continue to be trained every day thanks to this advanced feature.

Rebelle 4

rebelle 4 - one of the best drawing apps on laptop

The transition from paper to screen often makes it difficult for traditional artists to adapt.

Not only talking about results, many painters admit to missing the nuances and process of painting by hand because it gives a natural sensation which also plays an important role in inspiration and imagination.

Well, Rebelle 4 tries to show this by imitating the behavior of the wet medium that is often used by traditional painters.

It’s just different from the Krita above, we have to spend a little money to be able to use it.

Enough with only $ 90, you can immediately install it without a monthly fee. This price is quite cheap because we can use it for a lifetime compared to brushes, canvases, and painting paints that we have to buy regularly every time they are used up.

Medibang Paint Pro

drawing app on laptop [medibang]

Just like Clip Studio Paint above, this last laptop drawing application also focuses on making manga and comic illustrations.

The software is loaded with features that make it easy for artists to complete their scripts, including comic panels, image management, and backgrounds that we can customize later.

Even if your laptop is damaged, the data that we create with Medibang Paint Pro can still be saved thanks to the cloud services they offer.

Don’t be afraid to start using it either! Because apart from being free, Medibang is very user-friendly, aka a perfect tool for painting for beginners.

The interface is so simple but sophisticated, as well as the features that tend to be easy to use and utilize.

So, those are 6 drawing applications on a laptop that you can try. May be useful!

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