For loyal fans of the Mobile Legends game, they must have occasionally felt bored with the map display provided. Especially for novice players who are curious and try to tinker with it. The map display does give its own effect for those who are easily bored.

It turns out that in addition to being able to change the atmosphere while playing, changing the map also has other benefits. Especially for low HP users, because changing the map when playing Mobile Legends can make the game smoother or not lag.

Understanding and Functions of the Map in Mobile Legends

It’s a good idea to know in advance what a map is in the Mobile Legends game. Map is an arena to fight for players by using the hero of their choice to be able to defeat the enemy and win the match.

Most players change the map so they don’t get bored and make the game more exciting so it’s not boring. Because different maps will also give different experiences. If you are used to changing maps, it means you are ready to implement a strategy.

Map Names in Mobile Legends

Actually there are several maps that you can play in the Mobile Legends game. But unfortunately some of these maps are rarely known by players. Because they prefer to use a map that they think is good. The following are the names of the maps;

  1. Map of The Western Expanse

The first is The Western Expanse which has a dominant appearance with yellow and green colors. This map seeks to provide a sense of playing like the dry season, which is equipped with gardens, ponds, and plants.

  1. Map of Imperial Sanctuary

The second is the Imperial Sanctuary which has a dominant green appearance of the grass and plants around it. This map tries to give a sensation like playing in a shady forest.

  1. Map of The Celestial Palace

The third is The Celestial Palace which has a display of splendor because there is a Celestial statue located on the inner base. This map tries to give a sensation like playing in winter.

How to Change the Mobile Legends Map Display

Even though the Mobile Legends game has been played a lot, there are still some of them who don’t know how to change the map display. Of course it can make the game more exciting. The following is how to change the map view;

Open the Mobile Legends game application

Then, select a game mode such as classic or rank.

If you have entered the mode, then click the map icon in the lower left corner of the screen to change the map view.

Choose one of the map views you want.

Finally, click confirm and the map view will automatically change when you play.

That’s how to change the map display in the Mobile Legends game. Of course you will not get bored easily while playing the game. In addition, changing the map can also have an effect on your device so it doesn’t lag. Good luck!


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