Gamers are certainly no stranger to one of the games that is currently viral, namely Mobile Legends. The game is able to make many people interested in playing it because it is very fun to play. The players in the Mobile Legends game, of course, will hunt for diamonds as a medium of exchange to get a variety of good items.

If players want to get diamonds, one way is to buy on the official website or with credit. However, players can actually get lots of free and safe diamonds without using other applications.

In this way, of course, it will be easier for you to get the various items you want. Of course you get the diamond for free. In the following, we will explain several ways so that you can get diamonds safely and for free.

1. Participate in various tournaments

The Mobile Legends game developer, of course, often holds various kinds of tournaments with lots of prizes. One of the prizes you can get by participating in the tournament is diamond. The following are diamond prizes that you can get as winners:

First place: 50,000 diamonds per member.

Second place: 30,000 diamonds per member.

Third and fourth place: 15,000 diamonds per member.

Fifth to eighth place: 10,000 diamonds per member.

In addition to tournaments that are mostly organized by developers, currently there are also many tournaments organized by various parties. Of course you can use it to get lots of diamonds for free.

2. Become a Mobile Legends Streamer

As a Mobile Legends game player, of course you already know the streaming feature. By taking advantage of this feature, you can get diamonds for free while playing games. The method is also very easy when compared to playing streaming.

If you do that, you will get diamonds from the audience who will give you prizes when streaming. Therefore, increase the number of viewers while you are streaming. Here is the number of diamonds you can get:

Flower Level: 2 diamonds

Jewelry Level: 6 diamonds

Roadster Level: 250 diamonds

Yacht Level: 1000 diamonds

Airplane Level: 5000 diamonds

In order for you to get as many diamonds as possible, you have to tell your friends or followers to watch while you are streaming.

3. Win Giveaways and Quizzes

As a Mobile Legends game player, surely you often watch your favorite players compete and do live streaming. Thus, you can use it to get diamonds in this way.

It’s not uncommon for great players to hold giveaways to their followers. The prize can be in the form of diamonds. So by trying it and then winning it, you can get a lot of diamonds and it’s easy.

4. Win the Mobile Legends Event

Not infrequently there is a certain event in the Mobile Legends game that gives many attractive prizes. One of the things you can get is diamond for free. Then you can win the event that has been held.

If you can participate in the event and win it, of course you will get various prizes. The trick is that you have to complete all the existing tasks.

That’s how to get free diamonds in the Mobile Legends game without using an application. If you get diamonds illegally, it will have a bad effect, such as your account will be banned.

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