Refreshing the laptop can be one way to improve laptop performance than before. But you should know and pay attention before you do it so that there are no mistakes. Instead of wanting to repair and improve the performance of the laptop, it will actually damage your laptop. The following are some things that you must know and pay attention to before refreshing your laptop;

  1. Put the file icon that you created on the desktop so it doesn’t burden the laptop’s performance.
  2. If the program icon on the desktop can’t be opened, then do a refresh.
  3. If the desktop can’t display program icons automatically, then do a refresh.
  4. Do a refresh if the file you have created does not appear in the application.
  5. Do a refresh if you want to change the shortcut so that the name is in alphabetical order.

You need to know the things above before you refresh your laptop. In addition, you also need to know ways to easily refresh your laptop. Here are some ways;

How to Refresh Laptop With Keyboard

The first way to refresh is by using the keyboard. The way to do it is quite easy, you just use one of the navigation buttons on the keyboard. Here is how;

  1. First, you have to refresh as usual first. That is by right-clicking on the desktop screen and then selecting “Refresh”.
  2. Then you can refresh by using the navigation keys on the keyboard with “F5”.
  3. You can do several refreshes quickly according to your wishes.

How to Refresh Laptop With Mouse

The next way to refresh is to use the mouse. So you just need to operate the mouse very easily. Here is how;

  1. Condition your laptop on the Windows front page.
  2. Right click on the mouse.
  3. Click on the “Refresh” option.

Those are some simple ways to refresh your laptop on your laptop. But you have to know the functions, benefits, and disadvantages if you refresh. Of course, the right way will not cause new problems on your laptop. Hopefully it can help and be useful.

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