Easy Ways to Make Team Logos in Mobile Legends Games

For those of you Mobile Legends players, of course playing with friends or a team will be more exciting. Of course because this game is very suitable to be played in teamwork. So it’s not surprising that many people want to create a logo for their team.

If you want to create a logo but can’t edit it, we’ll share an easy way to create a logo for your team. In addition, you can also customize it to what you want. Here we will explain how.

How to Make a Mobile Legends Team Logo

You no longer need to bother to learn design or use image editing applications such as Photoshop or other applications. For those of you who are curious, here are easy steps to create a team logo in the Mobile Legends game.

1. Open the Placeit link

In this tutorial, you can take advantage of sites that provide design services using Placeit via the link: Here

2. Write your team name

If you are able to access the web page that we have written earlier, then you must enter the name of your team. Then, choose the game category you want, by selecting “Mobile Legends”. Click on the “Apply” button and wait a while until the process is complete.

3.Choose the logo you want

After that, you can find some examples of logos available on the web. You can choose one of the several examples provided. Here you can also change the color of the logo according to the color you want.

4.Download logo

The last stage, you can download the logo that you created earlier by “Save image as” if you open it via a PC browser. However, if you are using a cellphone, you only need to hold the image until the “Save image” option appears.

If you feel you still want to make more changes, you will be directed to the editing page again.

On the advanced customization page, you can make changes such as the font type, name, logo image, or you can also add a background.

That’s how to make a team logo on the Mobile Legends game application easily and quickly. Good luck!

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