How to Create WhatsApp Links – WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication applications that are widely used. Apart from being simple, WhatsApp also has many other features provided. One of them allows users to share WhatsApp links. However, this feature cannot be used if you don’t know how to create a WhatsApp link.

There are various ways that can be used to create a WhatsApp link. Its own function is to make it easier for other parties to contact the provided WhatsApp number. For example, in a business need, a WhatsApp number is certainly important so that customers can contact the business owner.

The needs are varied. Sometimes it’s just to ask for features, prices, advantages, or many things about the products or services offered. By being directed directly to WhatsApp, of course both parties benefit greatly.

How come. From the buyer’s side, they can directly contact the personal contact of the owner of the WhatsApp link. From the seller’s side, they can serve their customers directly. In addition, sellers can also use customer WhatsApp numbers as data for other marketing strategies.

Knowing the importance of WhatsApp links, maybe how to create a WhatsApp link, which will be provided below, can be useful. How to? Check out the complete information in the following section.

we can send messages to other WhatsApp users without the need to save a phone number.

Of course, this is a feature that has been awaited by online businesses who use WhatsApp to communicate with potential customers, it is enough to just install a WhatsApp link.

What is a WhatsApp link

What is a WhatsApp link or a WA link is one of the ways used to be able to communicate with WhatsApp without the need to save a phone number.

The trick is usually to just click the link, then you will be directed directly to the destination number.

This WA link can be used by everyone, including those of you who sell online, of course, it will make selling easier.

For those of you who are still unsure about security issues, don’t worry because this WhatsApp link is safe.

If the destination address doesn’t go directly to your chat, you need to be careful, it could be a scam link.

The WhatsApp Link to Chat feature is very useful for online businesses. How not if in the past you still had to use SMS, telephone or use live chat which required more effort to just ask questions about the product.

In addition, from the seller’s point of view, with the WhatsApp link, it becomes easier to establish communication with potential customers.

Now, to be able to create a direct WA chat link to a personal number, it’s very easy, all you have to do is open the official website from the WhatsApp web, which has been explained.

But here we will provide more development so that it can be useful to boost your business sales turnover.

Get to know the features on WhatsApp

Before you know how to create a WA link, there may be some features that you still don’t know. Therefore, it’s good to know in advance what are the features provided by WhatsApp.

  1. Text Message (Chat)

As a communication platform, the main and simplest feature of WhatsApp is text messaging or chatting. With this feature, users can send various things such as text, videos, images, documents, and several other files.

Currently, the text messaging feature on WhatsApp is getting more and more interesting. The reason is, users can simultaneously send GIFs and stickers. Especially for stickers, WhatsApp users can make their own with the help of a third application. Chatting on WhatsApp is now even more fun to do with friends.

  1. Video Call 8 People

Actually, WhatsApp used to only limit the video call feature to 4 people. However, recent updates have added a video call feature that can be used by up to 8 people. Indeed, the amount is very little compared to video conferencing applications.

This is done because WhatsApp is not focused on video conferencing. But as a medium that a person can use to communicate in a limited scope.

However, this 8-person video call feature is sufficient to meet some of the needs of its users. For example, limited meetings, conferences that only require a few people, and other similar limited meetings.

  1. Create Story or Status

Not only the two features above, WhatsApp can also be used to create stories or statuses. People usually call it SW or WhatsApp Story. This feature is used for users to share activities that are currently being carried out, information, places to be creative, and so on.

In WhatsApp stories, you can share documents in the form of photos or videos. Please tell your current activities to your WhatsApp friends on your smartphone.

  1. Fingerprint Security

For those of you who are always protective of social media accounts, WhatsApp provides the answer to this anxiety. The reason is, some time recently, WhatsApp released the latest security features. In this latest feature, WhatsApp increases the security of its social media by using fingerprints.

The security system that uses fingerprints, is one of the best security systems that can be used today. The reason is, every human being has a different fingerprint. So, with this feature, you can be calmer because the security of your WhatsApp account is definitely maintained.

  1. Share Conversation Link

The four features above are not enough, there are other features that WhatsApp has. This feature is considered very beneficial for entrepreneurs or business people. So, this feature is sharing a conversation link. Later, users can share links that can directly direct other parties to contact private numbers.

Not only certain parties can chat with the WhatsApp number that is shared, but all parties can click on the link and then chat with the number that has been entered in the link.

This is what then, makes many people look for how to create a WhatsApp link. Curious how? Check out the following description, yes.

There are several ways you can do to create a WhatsApp link. Please choose which method you think is easy to do. The following is a complete description of some of these methods.

  1. Creating a Regular WhatsApp Link

First, the way that can be done is very easy. You only need to enter the phone number you use into the WhatsApp shortlink. However, you must use the international code if you write down the phone number.

For example, for Indonesia, the international phone number code is 62. So, the number 0 in front of your phone number, replace it with 62. For example, your phone number is 081234567890. Then the number to write is 6281234567890.

Also, please don’t add spaces or dashes when you want to write them down. In front of the number, also include one of the following links that you can choose. Examples are as follows:


Please change the last number included in the link. And the link from your personal WhatsApp number, you can share it via social media.

  1. Create WhatsApp Link Via Bitly

The next way, you can use the help of the link. The website, will help you provide a shortener link from your WhatsApp number. Shortener itself, is a feature that can make users to shorten URL links.

This is very useful for making it easier to remember. Actually, there are many websites that can be used as link shorteners. But, most people use for URL link shortener. Well, for those of you who also want to use it, please follow these steps:

  • Please open a browser then type Bitly in the search field.
  • Then, click the top search result.
  • After entering the website, you can enter the link that was previously created in the column provided:
  • Then, click the Shorten button to the right of the column.
  • After that, the result of the shortener will be displayed at the bottom of the column. You just need to copy it.
  • Please share the link according to your needs.
  1. Creating WhatsApp Links Using Images

Well, this method will make WhatsApp links more interesting. You can use the help of CMS WordPress to do this. Here are the steps you have to do:

  • Please Add Media in WordPress.
  • Fill in the Alt Image and Description as usual. After that add it to the post page.
  • If so, click the ‘Insert and Edit Link’ logo on the WordPress dashboard.
  • Please enter the URL After that, click Add Link.

Usually, the image from the link will appear automatically. Please try clicking the link first. Check whether it can be directed directly to WhatsApp or not. If so, it means that the link creation process you did was successful.

Thus the discussion of about How to Create a Direct WhatsApp Link to a Private Chat. may be useful.

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