Android users often complain about the internal storage being almost full. Not to mention if there are still some important files or applications stored on the phone. To overcome this, android users can move some files and applications to memory.

Moving from storage to memory or SD card can be one solution to this problem. Users only need to insert the SD card into the slot that is already available. This process does not require rooting the phone. Check out some of the ways below;

How to Move Apps to Memory/SD Card

How to move applications to memory or SD card can actually be done in many ways. You can do this through the settings on the phone, the application settings, or also using the help of other applications. Here is how;

Without Using Additional Apps

You can easily move apps to SD card without using additional apps or using root. However, this method can only be done for Android users of Marshmallow version 6.0 or above. Here’s how;

  1. Prepare SD card

You have to prepare the SD card then insert it into the slot that is already available. The size of the storage must also adjust to the phone you are using. Because each phone has a different storage capacity.

  1. Open the settings menu

Open the “Settings” menu on your cellphone, then select the storage page or storage.

  1. Select the SD card to use

Select the SD card you want to use, then click on the three-line icon at the top right of the screen and click “Storage Settings”.

  1. SD card format

Then, select “Format SD card”, then click “Format as internal”. Wait a few moments until the process is complete and move the applications to the SD card one by one.

Using Additional Apps

If you’ve done the first method and it doesn’t work, then it’s a good idea to use the second method. This method uses the help of additional applications and does not work on phones with Android 9 Pie, Android 10, and Android 11. Here’s how;

First, open the “Settings” or “Settings” menu on your cellphone.

Then, select the “Applications” or “Apps” menu.

Then, select the application you want to move. Select the “Change Storage” menu, then select “SD Card” to move the application to the SD card.

Do not turn off your phone if the process has not been completed.

Wait a few moments until the application has been successfully moved.

That’s how to move apps to memory or SD card. This can be useful if your internal memory is almost full and still needs more storage space. May be useful!

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