Diamond Door FF Event – ​​To add to the fun of playing, bundles have always been one of the important items for Free Fire (FF) players to have. How not, not a few players judge a survivor from the appearance of the character’s costume he wears.

The Bonebruiser Scorch Bundle when used will give an extraordinary fire effect with a fiery red appearance.

Players immediately welcomed the news about the Bonebruiser Scorch Bundle prize at the Diamond Door event when uploaded to the official Free Fire Instagram account.

Diamond Door FF Event Events

“Want a cool bundle with interesting effects? Bonebruiser Scorch is the answer!” quoted by Sluruls.com from the Instagram account @freefirebgid, Thursday 19 May 2022.

Even though it is only as a decoration to add to the aesthetics of playing, many of these players judge the level of playing proficiency from the bundle used.

So that the presence of new bundles is always awaited by collectors of cool items on Free Fire. For those of you who are one of them, maybe you can find the answer here.

Because of this article, we will discuss a Diamond Door spin event that will bring a new bundle on Free Fire.

Want to know what bundle leaks will be present at the Diamond Door FF May 2022 event? Come on, see the leak below!

The Latest FF Diamond Door Event Leaks 2022

Although it is fairly new, this is the umpteenth time this spin event has been present at Free Fire. According to a leak from GM Kulgar, this event will be present starting on May 20, 2022 with a rare new bundle, namely the Bonebruiser Scorch Bundle.

Here’s how you can follow to win prizes in the event:

  • Open 1 door with 25 diamonds and get 1 prize.
  • Open 2 doors at once for 40 diamonds guaranteed to get 2 prizes.
  • Get a price discount to 30 diamonds for the first 3 times opening 2 doors.
  • Can get 50 diamonds every time you open 10 doors at once.
  • The prizes you get will go directly to the vault/collection/weapons.
  • If you are lucky, you can get the main prize of the Bonebruiser Scorch Free Fire (FF) Bundle just by doing a spin by opening 1 or 2 doors. Not only the main prize, you can also get 50 diamonds for free every time you open 10 doors at once.

It’s very easy and players will definitely get a gift in the form of this cool bundle.

However, the Diamond Door event with a Bonebruiser Scorch Bundle at Free Fire only takes place from 19 May to 1 June 2022.

How to Get Bonebruiser Scorch Bundle at Diamond Door Free Fire Event

Free Fire now presents the latest event, Diamond Door with the main prize being the Bonebruiser Scorch Bundle.

The Bonebruiser Scorch Bundle is the main prize that Free Fire players can find when choosing a door at the Diamond Door event.

The prizes at the Diamond Door event are not only the Bonebruiser Scorch Bundle, Free Fire players can also get 50 diamonds.

How to get this bundle is quite easy, with just a few steps below.

  1. Players can get the main prize in the form of a Bonebruiser Scorch Bundle at one of the doors available at the Diamond Door event.
  1. There are three doors that contain the cool bundle or 50 diamonds.
  2. To be able to open the door, the player must provide 20 diamonds, but only 35 diamonds if you open two doors at the same time.
  3. Players can get a 50% discount when opening one door twice and 55% for two doors three times.
  4. Even players can get 50 diamonds every time they open 10 doors.
  5. The prizes you get will automatically go to the vault/collection/weapon.

Thus the discussion of the Java domain regarding the Diamond Door FF 2022 Event Leak, Claim Bonebruiser Scorch Free Fire Bundle! I hope this helps

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