There are many additional electronic devices that can increase security or security so that it is not easy for thieves to steal, one of which is the Kensington Lock.

This security tool is specifically for those of you who want to prevent your valuable electronic items from being easily carried by people.

The reason is, electronic items such as laptops are relatively light to carry, easy to put in a bag, and prone to escape from view thanks to their size and weight which are not as heavy as PC computers.

Therefore, it is recommended to use it to keep your laptop or notebook from being easily stolen even if it has become a target, especially if the item is often taken to the office or even to a public place.

What is Kensington Lock?

In simple terms, a Kensington Lock is a security device or lock that attaches the cable from the computer to an object that cannot be easily lifted such as a desk. The way it works is very similar to a bicycle lock that attaches the means of transportation to a fence.

This Kensington lock was designed in the mid 1980s and has managed to prevent many thefts. However, not all devices can use this one security key. So, make sure your laptop or notebook has a “K slot” hole as shown in the following image.

Later, this hole will be where the Kensington Lock anchors to stick there. The anchor itself is of course armed with a number combination lock that you must set beforehand. So don’t forget the PIN you entered! You might be the one in trouble.

How to Use Kensington Lock

It’s very easy to use and doesn’t take much time. The steps are as follows:

  • First plug the Kensington Lock anchor into the laptop’s “K Lock” hole
  • Then wrap the cable around a heavy or difficult object such as a table leg
how to use kensington lock

Easy isn’t it? once done, the thief will have a hard time taking your laptop away.

Kensington Lock Functions and Its Advantages

As mentioned above, Kensington Lock has a main function in keeping our laptops from being easy or not being stolen. Many people think that this security key is very important to have, especially for those of you who like to bring a laptop to the office or cafe.

several races geek famous also considered that K-Lock is considered one of the best security systems in the technology industry. The reason is, once our laptop is stolen, not only physical objects can be lost, but also important data in it is threatened to fall into the hands of irresponsible people.

So, why does this K-Slot look so extraordinary? To answer it, we look at some of the components contained in it, including:

Durable Key Head

Kensington lock function

Also known as the “anchor” that is embedded in the keyhole of our laptop, this part has a mechanism that is so strong, not easily separated, and not easily broken, making it difficult to destroy with bare hands.

But always remember to buy a genuine Kensington so that its T-Bar locking system complies with international standards.

On the other hand, buying fake or fake ones can be easy to break or detach even with just one or two forced tugs. Therefore, you should research first before buying.

User Friendly Push Button

Kensington lock feature

This security system will indeed be difficult for would-be thieves, but not for us as owners!

The reason is, this tool has an easy-to-use push button as part of its mechanism, so plugging and unplugging it won’t cost you much time.

Once you successfully pair it, the key will continue to stick in the K slot of the laptop or notebook without being disturbed by others.

Strong Cable

additional features of kensington lock

In addition to the key head, the cable is also one of the most important components to keep our laptops from being stolen by others.

Therefore, buying the original Kensington is very mandatory because the strength of the cable has met international safety standards.

The cable is not easy to cut or cut with sharp objects because it is constructed and woven using carbon steel, while being protected in a sheathed sheath.

Interestingly, the material of the K-Lock cable doesn’t really affect its weight, so you can still carry it anywhere you want.

Number Combination Lock

Kensington lock number combination

The latter may be optional. Because in addition to using a combination lock, you can still open the Kensington by using a regular key as well as the one embedded in the door.

You can use this key when you forget the combination number that has been set. So, make sure not to be stored carelessly, especially until it falls into the hands of thieves.

That’s the understanding of Kensington Lock and how to use it that you can do easily. Hope this article was useful!

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