Many people may not know the Blue YouTube application, which is quite popular today, because there are many excellent features that are not in the original version. So don’t be surprised if this application for watching modified versions of videos is in great demand.

With the blue YouTube, it can be an alternative for those who want to watch videos without annoying ads. In addition, this modified version also has a cooler appearance.

Functionally, ordinary YouTube with YouTube blue mod is the same, namely to display various interesting entertainment videos. But in appearance and features, there are some differences. Anything? Come on, find out the complete information below!

What is Blue YouTube?

YouTube Blue it means a Youtube application that is modified by a third-party developer, so that it has the premium look and features found on the original Youtube that can be easily accessed by users.

This blue mod version of YouTube is not available on Google’s official application store, namely the Play Store. However, if you want to try the sensation of using this modified application, you can download it through a third-party site that provides the download file.

Then, what are the excellent features of Youtube Blue? What makes it different from the original YouTube? To find out the features offered by this modified version of the YouTube application, let’s see the full review below!

Blue YouTube Featured

There are several main features of Blue YouTube that are not available in the original version, this is what makes users will not feel bored for long opening this video streaming application. The features of this blue version of YouTube are as follows:

1. Block Youtube Ads

If you want to watch videos comfortably, then you can activate the feature to block annoying ads on this YouTube Mod. That way, you can watch your favorite YouTubers without having to worry about ads appearing. Interesting right?

2. Play Video in Background Hp

In the Blue Youtube application, you can play videos on the back screen or download videos background hp without the video stops. This feature is suitable for playing favorite music when the cellphone is turned off, so that the cellphone screen does not turn on continuously.

3. Cool Theme

You can change the YouTube theme to a cool blue color, as well as other colors that are no less interesting. In addition, there is also a display in dark and light modes, which can be selected according to the user’s taste.

4. HDR mode

HDR mode can present viewing with good video quality, you will be spoiled with clear video displays. It’s just that videos with HD quality and even 4K make internet quotas more wasteful.

5. Download Videos

In the blue version of YouTube there is a feature that allows users to watch videos later or online offline. You can download your favorite videos and save to your Youtube to watch later. When playing the video, there is no need to wait for buffering which is sometimes annoying.

6. Zoom In

The next feature is the zoom feature. You can easily zoom video that you rotate with your finger to make it look clearer.

Is Blue Youtube Safe?

The blue version of YouTube that has been modified or developed by a third party does have many excellent features. In terms of security, I don’t think it’s completely safe to use. Therefore, the risks must be considered when you want to use this application.

Basically, every application developed by a third party does not guarantee 100 percent security, there are a number of risks that must be considered before deciding to install it, especially those that require users to log in, vulnerable to data theft.

There are lots of websites that you can use to download the blue youtube application, but it must be remembered that there is a possibility that the apk is not safe.

The apk may have been inserted malware or virus which is the entrance hacker to your cellphone. This hacker can then gain access to important accounts or data on your cellphone. So you have to be careful if you want to download mod applications like this blue youtube.

This is a discussion about a modified version of the YouTube application that offers a number of excellent features that are not available on the original YouTube. Hopefully the information is useful and can be used as a reference for those who want to try Youtube blue.

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