Voice Recorder App-One of the things that can be used using your Android smartphone is voice recording activity. Recording sound can indeed be done using your Android smartphone, with the default application in it.

However, by relying on the default application features, you can only use it to record sound, not with various other advantages such as those in the best voice recorder application for Android. There are currently many android applications that can be used to record voice easily.

The features in it also have various advantages that are easy for you to use. If you are one who usually does activities such as recording sound, for example, you work in the field of journalism, then it is better if this android application is installed on your favorite android smartphone.

No need to be confused about the application that you will use, because we have compiled a collection of the best voice recording applications that are clear in quality, so they sound clearer.

Gathering Voice Recorder App Newest 2022

When you get a voice recording that is not clear, you will definitely be disappointed. On the Android smartphone itself, there are several applications that we consider to have better quality in recording sound than the many that exist. What are these applications, just look at the list that has been prepared below this.

1. Easy Voice Recorder

This android application, is one application that you can use to record high-quality sound. you can record sound using the PCM format, up to WAV files in it. This application is also one application that can produce clear sound in it. Just press the widget button you can immediately record sound with high quality though.

2. Audio Recorder

You could say this audio recorder application is one of the best for now. The beginning of this application is only specifically for certain smartphones, so you can imagine what the greatness of this voice recorder is. In appearance it is very simple, so it will be very easy to use.

There are various supports for optimizing this application, so that the resulting audio quality will sound even clearer. Although the quality presented is quite special, you can download it for free on the Play Store service.

3. Smart Voice Recorder

The next android application is the Smart Voice Recorder which is also an application that will facilitate every activity in it for those of you who work in the field of interviews to various kinds of needs that are in it. This android application has the ability to produce quality sound recordings in it. The recording quality is clear from 8 to 44 Hz, where you can also use the real-time spectrogram feature and can also silence or mute the sound.

4. Tape A Talk Voice Recorder

This next android application, is one application that you can use to make it easier to record sound and also record various sounds even with a dead screen background though. This android application also has the ability to store recordings in various formats such as wav, up to 3gp in it.

5. Evernote

For those of you who need a voice recorder application that has other functions. Then you can rely on this evernote application. What distinguishes this application from the others is that it can share files with other Evernote application users, so you don’t need to use another platform if you only share audio files.

6. Voice Recorder

The last voice recorder application that you can download for free is Voice Recorder. A voice recording application where you only need to press the REC button, then this application will be used by you to record with interesting quality in it. This application will also make it easier for you to give a recording title, to use it to set a recording schedule for a certain time, and there are many other interesting features in this application.

7. RecForge II

There are two versions of this application, namely free and paid. If you use the premium version, then you can unlock all the pro features. For those of you who do have a field of work such as recording interviews while covering events, then there’s nothing wrong with upgrading to the pro version.

8. Parrot Voice Recorder

Like the recforge II application, the developer of this platform has also provided a premium version, so you can upgrade to the paid version. Of course, for business features, the pro version is better. Here you can not only record voice as usual, but can also be used to record conversations while communicating.

9. Titanium Voice Recorder

One of the things that makes this application look more special is that there is a feature that can reduce noise, so that at first glance disturbing sounds will be filtered out by the Titanium Voice recorder application. In addition, the resulting audio quality is also clearer than voice recording applications in general.

10. Hi-Qi MP3 Voice Recorder

The last application that you can rely on for voice recording is Hi-Qi MP3 Voice Recorder. Not without reason we try to recommend this one application. Because the features are very complete, while the recordings that you have made can be directly uploaded to Dropbox.

Indeed, there are many applications like this and we can get them easily on the play store service. But of course not all of these applications have good sound quality. For that you can choose the application that we have recommended above, because for now it is the application that has good quality and features.

The final word

Basically, when we choose an application, it must be adjusted to what we need. If you are someone who needs voice recording data every day, then we recommend you to use the pro version. The price is not expensive, because you only need to spend about 3.5 dollars. Or if it is converted into around 50 thousand.

Thus the discussion of Sluruls about some android applications that you can use to record sound. You can install it via the play store application service, so you can be sure the file is very safe.

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