Online Attendance Application – Currently the need for applications is not only for work in the IT field but also for work in education or in the field of companies such as attendance or attendance. Currently, there are many types of attendance, either using magnetic fingerprints, cards or by checking machines. Apart from these physical applications, there are also mobile applications that we can use as an alternative to web-based or Android-based online attendance.

The online attendance application can also be a solution for those of you who don’t want to spend a lot of money for attendance purposes, because it is clear for physical attendance devices such as fingerprints that it certainly costs a lot, especially if there are several agencies that require each of these attendance devices.

With the online attendance application, you can also manage and monitor in real-time with data that you can easily see using your cellphone. In addition, the online attendance application is also more user friendly compared to attendance devices such as fingerprints or using a card.

Then which online attendance application is good to use for employees? Here are some recommendations for online attendance applications that you can use on your cellphone or web-based.

Online Attendance Application

Time Clock

This application is a free application that provides interesting features that can be used as an alternative to attendance devices, with this application you can also schedule easily and several package options are available, you can also schedule and track hours easily. so you can see the performance of the employees.


The next online attendance application is clockify, an online attendance application that makes it easy to process attendance at the office office or in the company because you can also see Project reviews of existing projects, so you can monitor the performance of employees very easily using this application.

When I work

This is a time tracker application that can be used for employee attendance, this online attendance application can also be used for free, with a maximum limit of 75 employees. On top of that employee usage you have to use the premium version or have to pay yourself to use more than 75 members. The features are also very good and and very easy to use in managing attendance. including features such as overtime and also shifting contained in this application.

In addition, you can also do features such as attendance monitoring, and also messages between employees with this application.


This application is an online attendance application made by the nation’s children which is very easy to use for you to manage your company, especially in the HRD section. With this application you can also make attendance using face recognition, by means of employees only taking selfie photos. So as to minimize acts of fraud that occur in terms of absenteeism.

You can also use this application when you work online or work from home, because this application can work in Hybrid or a combination of work from home and work from office. This application also provides a digital attendance recording system, work shift schedules, time sets and overtime.

You can use this application for free, please try it directly using this application on the official website.


This application has been established since 2014 and already has a name in the online attendance application, this application also provides very helpful features for employee management such as jojotimes which is for managing employee overtime, monitoring employee activity, and also integrating with Payroll.

This jojonomic application has been downloaded more than 10 thousand times on Google Play and more than 4.5 ratings have been given by users.

my absence

This application is a mobile-based application and can also be downloaded on the Play Store, with this application you can view employee activity reports, information and salary slips and employee attendance. You can do a free trial for 30 days, then you will only be charged Rp. 7,000 per employee.


This application is an application that has been downloaded more than 50 thousand times on the Internet Play Store, and also this application supports GPS features, employee database management and payroll. In addition, this application also has a live chat feature so that it will be easier for you if you have difficulty using commands.

Smart boss

The next online attendance application is Smart Boss, which has been operating since 2015 and has advanced features for an attendance application. This Smart Boss Online attendance application is a web-based application so you can access it online using your browser. With this application you can easily manage payroll, and it is also equipped with GPS and facial recognition for attendance.


This application is an online attendance application that also provides free features, and has been used by many well-known companies in Indonesia. With this application you can also increase employee productivity and also save time by communicating more effectively.

With this application you can also perform attendance using a smartphone, and also perform permission management, data migration and manage shift work schedules.

Those are some online attendance applications that you can use, some of which are mobile-based applications and some are web-based applications. So you can adjust it to your needs and the situation of your work environment.

Using an online attendance application is the right solution if you want to do flexibility in employee attendance which also saves more costs because you don’t need to use attendance devices which are usually more expensive.

With the online attendance application, you can also increase the productivity and work efficiency of employees, especially for mobile-based online attendance applications, because they can take attendance only by using their cellphones.

The online attendance application also has other features apart from attendance such as a feature to see what they are doing and also features that manage overtime and others. Using an online attendance application will be very practical and also connects to several other parts that regulate or relate to HR of your company

Some of the online applications above also offer interesting features and can also be accessed for free, some can be accessed for free in the next few days you have to pay a fee to continue using the application.

But don’t worry because the cost of an online attendance application can also be said to be affordable for a company scale. Moreover, with a very good use that can save costs in terms of attendance

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