Instagram has indeed become one of the most popular social media applications currently used by the public. Apart from being quite easy to use, with the Instagram application you can get acquainted with many people. However, are you curious about who frequently visits or secretly views your account? Now you don’t need to be curious anymore because you can easily find out.

If you can find out the visitors or viewers on your Instagram account, then you can find out and analyze who they are. This is also very important, especially if you activate the business feature on your Instagram account. The reason is, you can easily find out how much interest people who visit your Instagram are.

In addition to knowing visitors for business purposes, as a regular user there are times when there is also a curiosity about the visitors to your account. More precisely, you can see who is often stalking your account. So actually this feature has benefits for the interests of each.

How to find out Instagram visitors using JNCMEDIA

If you want to know who the visitors to your Instagram account are, then you can use the JNCKMEDIA site. The feature on JNCKMEDIA is a site that provides assistance services on Instagram in web or website format. In order to enjoy services from the web, you only need to use a browser. Here we explain how;

  1. Open and run your best browser.
  2. Then visit the web address
  3. Then in the “Username” column, enter the username you already have.
  4. Then verify “I’m not a robot”.
  5. When finished, press the “Submit” button.
  6. Then you will see a list of accounts that have visited your Instagram profile.

After you have completed all the processes, then you can see which accounts have visited your Instagram account. So you no longer need to feel curious. In addition, you can also find out how many are interested in your business activities if you activate the business account feature. Of course, this is very useful.

That’s the way to control who visits your Instagram account. By activating this feature, your activities in using the Instagram application will become easier. Hopefully it can help and be useful for you.


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