Here’s How To Play Sudoku Correctly For Beginners- We’ll show you the most basic to not very basic methods and tips for solving sudoku. Instructions for anyone who plays or wants to play sudoku even if you don’t know How to Play Sudoku. We’ll start with the basics and progress to the less basic.

How to Play Sudoku

The goal is to fill in the 9×9 squares so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3 squares also called blocks or regions contains the numbers from 1 to 9. Cells are the smallest blocks in the game. The most basic strategy for finding missing numbers is scanning and consists of:

  • Cross hatching.
  • Count.

Crosshatching Is Shown In The First Image.

You scan rows and columns to eliminate where a certain number could be in a particular region. As you can see, there is only one legal place left for 1 (marked in green).


You simply count all the column numbers, and the region that is connected to a different cell in a row in each calculation. if only one number is missing then that is what should be in the cell.

How to Play Sudoku for Beginners


The analysis consists of two methods, we won’t show you what if because we don’t like it. It’s slow progress and we don’t like deleting that much.

Candidate Elimination

The method for eliminating candidates that we present now is the matched pair method. Look at the picture. we have concluded with the help of cross hatching that 7 and 8 can only be in two places in the lower left region. Two cells where 7 and 8 can be in the same column, so they can’t be anywhere else in the column.


This one is almost like the candidate elimination we showed in the previous step called obtaining certainty from uncertainty. Look at the image below. In the central region. There are only two possible places for 7 (and 2).


We’ve used several programs to play sudoku and only one has managed to flag it. This is called simple sudoku. The things we love are the hints and event candidate features. The instructions tell you the method used instead of the number. And show candidate feature shows all possible answers for each block and you can remove candidate from cell. Thus a review of the Sudoku Game. May be useful.

Brain Games

Apart from sudoku there are plenty of brain-boosting games. Here’s a game that you can play by sharpening your brain:

Crossword puzzle

This game may be familiar to you, this old school game is very good for sharpening the brain. This game is liked by many people, in the past when we wanted to play puzzles it was only found in newspapers or we bought crosswords. But no need to worry now you just need to install it on your smartphone.

Lola Bakery

Games that are classified as puzzle games, this one game is much liked by children and adults. If you like games that sharpen your brain, you can try installing them on your smartphone. How to play this game you have to match the same cake in order to become a power to destroy all the tiles and obstacles.

Brain Out

A game that is currently famous for its difficulty, which can sharpen your brain even more. Although many say this game is difficult, the downloads continue to soar throughout this year.

That’s my explanation about This is the correct way to play Sudoku for beginners, hopefully it will be useful, thank you.

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