Amelinus – Having a file in Portable Document Format (PDF) does have many advantages over word types, one of which is that it will not change the format when sent, in contrast to word files which usually change their layout when sent in a different version. Therefore there is a website called Convert word to jpg.

Get to know Word and JPG files

Basically in an office application there are various types of files. One of them is word and JPG. Both have very striking differences, especially in the format of their use.

Word is an office that is often used for various kinds of reporting and other typing purposes. This is usually in the form of a document in the form of a worksheet. Various kinds of interesting features in this one feature.

Meanwhile, JPG is a file in the form of a photo or image. Both word and JPG can collaborate with each other. Word files can be converted to jpg and vice versa. Usually under certain circumstances this edit is required.

How to Convert Word to JPG Quickly and Easily

JPG is indeed the most widely known format for many users because it only contains images. Therefore there are many files scattered on the internet in this format. Here are some ways to convert word to jpg.

  1. Via the Smallpdf website

One of the simplest and most widely used ways to convert files from word to jpg namely by intermediary websites. This is a procedure that is often used by everyone. Here’s how.

  • Go to the website
  • After that click the “choose file” menu
  • Select the desired word file
  • Wait for the conversion process
  • The download option appears
  • Click download
  • Downloaded conversion results
  • Save the file
  1. Using Convert Word to JPG (

Another way can be done is by using an intermediary website It can be accessed through the official website. Here’s how it works that should be understood.

  • Open the website Convert word to JPG
  • Click the new option and upload file
  • Select a word document
  • Wait for the process
  • Click document
  • click download option
  • Save files in space storage
  • Files are presented in the form of Zip
  • Click open
  • Choose a file in the form of an image
  • Files can be viewed
  1. Using the Paint App

In addition to using the methods above, it can also be done with Paint. this is usually the default application from the laptop so you don’t need to install it. The method is also very simple as follows.

  • Open the word file
  • Prepare the file to be edited
  • Open the Paint app
  • copy paste in word paint
  • After that open the File menu
  • Select the save as option
  • Make sure the image is saved
  • Save as JPG/JPEG
  • Open file
  • Image can be seen

Advantages of Using Covert Pdf to JPG Application

Various kinds of PDF to JPG convert applications are very helpful for users to simplify their daily work. This is because there are times when you have to upload various kinds of documents in JPG format.

In addition, it will make the file display sharper and easier to access. It is also possible to edit the size according to your needs.

That was the explanation about how to convert word to jpg what you should know. Converting files into pdf format has many advantages, one of which is making documents not separated when read. This method is certainly the best recommendation that needs to be tried.

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