If you are bored with WA notifications that original, then you can replace the notification by using the WA sound of text. In this service you will be offered with a variety of features that are devoted to creating unique notification sounds according to your imagination.

The result, of course, is very interesting because the notifications from the WhatsApp application that you have are different from the others. In addition, the manufacturing process for this notification sound is also very practical, making it easier for you as a layman to do it.

How to make Sound of Text WA from Website

Today there are many sites online that offer the function of converting text to voice. This ability is better known as sound of text which is often used for ringtones or notifications from other messages. You also don’t need to worry about the site because it is guaranteed to be safe.

In addition, some sites also do not require login access so you can use them freely. Some of these sites are also very well known for their ease of operation.

Below are some sites sound of text which you can use to make WA ringtones or others.

1. Sound of Text

Sound of Text is a website-based service that has a function to create various unique sound notifications. This website is very popular and many users choose to make ringtones to convert text into voice messages.

This service has almost the same functionality and sound on Google Translate. The thing that makes it different is that you can download the sound and convert it to MP3 format. The existence of this feature allows users to create various types of sounds that can be used as notifications.

How to Make Notification Sounds Via Sound of Text WA

Basically, how to make sounds or ringtones through this sound of text site is very easy. This can also be seen from the appearance of the website which is very simple and minimalist. Just enter the word you want to make the notification sound and select the option for the type of sound you want.

Here are some steps in using Sound of Text to create ringtones.

  • The first step you can open the site first https://soundoftext.com through a browser application on your HP or laptop.
  • After the main page appears, slide a little to the bottom, precisely in the column “Text” and “Voice“.
  • In the column “Text“You can enter words that will later become sounds. Make sure that the characters you write are no more than 200 letters.
  • Next, you can choose the type of sound you want to choose. Please note that each country has different types and characteristics. If you want to get a voice like Google Translate, then you can choose an English (United States) country.
  • Next, click the button “Submit” to see the results of the voice captions that you have created.
  • If you have, then at the bottom will appear a new column containing the sound of the text. You can play it by pressing the “Play” and if you want to download it click “Download” which is on the side.

2. Botika (Text to Speech)

Another website that you can use as a WA sound of text is Botika. Artificial intelligence site or Natural language Processing It was developed by a native Indonesian developer. Present and launched since 2017, this website already has many users.

Interestingly, you can access this site without the need login or register an account first. You can use it freely with a limit of 10,000 characters. Of course, this includes enough for those of you who just want to make notification sounds.

Not only that, Botika is also available for Android HP users in the form of an application. You can download the application on the Google Playstore. However, for you iOS or iPhone users, you need to be patient enough because Botika needs supportt for the operating system.

How to Make Notification Sounds Via Botika (Text to Speech)

Please note that Botika is not only present as a site for converting text to voice. There are six other products that are quite well known and have been chosen by various users. However, the way to make notifications or ringtones from Botika is very easy.

The steps you can follow to make a ringtone from Botika are as follows.

  • The first step you can visit the website https://botika.online through the browser site on your HP or laptop.
  • On the main page of the Botika website, you can select the navigation menu “Products” which is next to the menu “About us“.
  • Next, select the “Text of Speech” and click “Learn More” to access the feature.
  • On this new page you will be shown with a view that is almost the same as Sound of Text. You need to enter the word you want to convert into a sound and select the desired sound type.
  • There are two types of voice that you can choose, namely “female 1” with Mature and Professional and “female 2” with Youngster and Fast.
  • Next, click the Captcha box column at the bottom to make sure that you are not a robot.
  • Finally, you can play the sound and download it to save it offline.

3. FakeYou

Another site that you can use as a WA sound of text is FakeYou. Comes with various advantages, making this site also widely chosen by users. One of them, which is a text converter into a unique and funny anime voice. Not only that, you can also choose 1815 other types of sounds for free.

The site is built with PayTorch and Kubernetes which allows users to convert text and into voice. Amazingly, again in FakeYou you can be contributor in adding the sound type. You can register an account first to become contributor on FakeYou.

How to Make Notification Sounds Via FakeYou

How to make a sound for WhatsApp notifications or WA sound of text is also almost the same as the previous sites. On this site you also do not need to login to access these features.

Below is how to use FakeYou as a text to voice converter.

  • You can visit the website first https://fakeyou.com through the browser page.
  • On the main page you will be faced directly with a website display with the words Text of Speech.
  • In the first column, you can choose a category for the type of sound to be used in the text, such as Anime, Cartoons and so forth.
  • Next, you can choose the voices of various famous characters, such as Donald Trump, Chris Hansen to Bill Gates.
  • Next, you can enter text in the largest bottom column of the previous column. Interestingly, in this column there is no limit to the number of characters.
  • Finally, you can press the “Speak” in order to be able to play and download the sound of the text.

4. Myinstants

If you want to search sound of text WA for instant notifications, then this site is a must for you to visit. Because, you will find various sound unique that you may often hear Not only that, Myinstances also provides hundreds of trending sound existing in Indonesia.

Interestingly, you can also add sound made by original and upload it to the Myinstance site. Naturally, sound of text WA can be downloaded by other users freely.

How to Download Notification Sounds via Myinstance

on the way download sound in Myinstances classified as very easy. You just need to search sound desired, then click the button download which is at the bottom. Automatic sound will be stored on the device automatically offline and you can use it as a ringtone or message notification.

Here are the steps to download sound of text WA on the Myinstance site that you can follow.

  • The first step, you can visit the website https://myinstances.com via a laptop or mobile device.
  • In the first part of the page, you will be shown with many trending sound existing in Indonesia. You can select or search sound directly through the search feature in the column above.
  • If you have found sound you want, click the title of sound the.
  • Next will appear a new page that provides many buttons.
  • You can click the button “Download MP3” to download sound so that it can be used for ringtones or message notifications on HP devices.

How to Use Sound of Text WA on HP

After successfully making sound of text WA what you want, then the next step is to use the WA ringtone on WhatsApp notifications. In this process you can do it easily without the need to install additional applications or third parties.

This is because the WhatsApp application does allow users to change the WA ringtone without any restrictions. You just need to go into the HP settings and change the default sound with sound previously successfully downloaded and saved.

If you feel confused about these settings, then you can follow the complete guide below.

  • The first way you can enter first into the menu “Arrangement” or Settings which is on HP.
  • Then, go to the menu option “Sound & Vibration” and click the submenu “Ringtones“.
  • In this new view you can press the plus icon at the top to add sound previously downloaded.
  • Next, select sound that you want to add to “Ringtones.
  • make sound which you choose as default ringtone device so that the previous notification sound can be changed.

Basically, you can apply this method to all brands of Android cellphones. It’s just that there may be slight differences. You can adjust it to the HP device you have. However, make sure that the sound you previously downloaded has the MP3 format.

The presence of this WA sound of text is the best alternative for those of you who may be bored with default ringtone on the HP device. You can try different types of sounds with unique captions. Not only that, you can also access all of these sites freely and for free without any cost.

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