Microsoft Office is one of the most popular and widely used word processing programs in the world thanks to its wide range of features. Call it Ms. Word with features mind mappinghis. How to make mind mapping in word simple with this feature.

Many websites and applications offer mind mapping features online, but most of these service providers require users to subscribe first.

In this article, I will explain how to create a mind map in Word without any hassle. Let’s see below.

What is Mind Mapping?

mind mapping or mind map is a non-linear flowchart that depicts the concept or thought idea of ​​a particular topic, thus facilitating the learning process or the creation of new ideas.

mind map has been widely used by almost all circles, starting from school children, teachers, companies, to investigations in the police. mind mapping help organize complex ideas or concepts more easily through the visualization process.

Well to make mind mapping in word, we have to adjust the layout and design first.

Customize Worksheet Layout and Design

In simple terms, this layout and design is adjusted so that mind mapping can fit on a worksheet and is pleasing to the eye. The way to do this is as follows:

  1. Change background to Landscapehow to click tab Layout > Orientation > Layouts.
  2. Change margin to Narrowhow to click tab Layout > Margin > Narrow.
  3. Change design colorhow to click tab Design > Page Color. For this example I used gray color.

If you have followed the steps above correctly, your document file will look like the following.

Layout is used to make it easier to visualize mind mapping into the document file, while the design is presented to make it more visually appealing. The color of the worksheet can be adjusted according to individual tastes.

When finished, you can start following the two ways to make mind mapping in word below.

How to Create a Mind Map in Word with SmartArt Graphics

How to make a mind map in the first word is relatively easy. According to Microsoft itself, SmartArt Graphics made based on a visual representation of the information and ideas that we will develop.

We make it by choosing the layout according to our taste before making the mind map.

To make it clearer, here’s how to easily create a mind map in Word using SmartArt Graphics:

  • Click tab Insert and select icon SmartArt.
  • Choose an option Hierarchy and find the style that suits you
  • Visualize your idea or concept

2. How to Create a Mind Map in Word with Insert Shapes (Manual)

Apart from using SmartArt Graphics above, there is a more interesting way to do this, namely by combining various features in the tab Insert.

How to make a mind map in the second word can make you more free to be creative so that you are not fixated on the standard display that is only provided by Ms. Words only.

To do this, you can follow these easy steps. Guaranteed the results will look like a professional designer.

1. Insert Shape or Insert Shape

For the first step, enter the shapes you want via the tab Insertclick the icon Shapesand select as desired.

After selecting the shape, left click on mouse and drag shape towards the worksheet. If you want the size to be even on all sides, press the button Shift during the drawing process.

In addition, make sure you also draw it in the middle so that the first shape becomes the main concept or idea.

2. Put Text into Shape

After successfully entering Shapes it into a word sheet, it’s time to add written text in it by right-clicking on the image object, then select Add Text. You can change the size, font, and color of the text by pressing tab Home.

3. Insert Icon

To make it look more beautiful, it is recommended to add some images or icons that have been provided by Word.

The reason is, pictures represent a thousand words, where people are often more fixated on the shape of the object first than writing.

To add an icon, follow these steps:

  • Click tab Insert and select Icons
  • Type the keyword according to the image you want to use.

Because in this example I made a mind map about “the best food for the brain”, so I used the keyword “Head” to find the icon I wanted.

After successfully selecting, you will definitely have difficulty moving the image to the desired area. No need to bother! There is a very easy trick so that the icon can be shifted wherever you want.

Please first click the icon so that it is blocked, then it will appear Layout Options next to the image, then select the first mode from With Text Wrapping.

After that, the icon can be shifted to the worksheet section

4. Add New Shapes and Connect

Happy! So far you have succeeded in creating a mind map complete with icons. The next step for how to make mind mapping in word is the same as the steps above.

But to make it more visually appealing, we have to make the shape and icon colors different from each other.

Due to the characteristics mind mapping is to combine one idea with another, then we must be able to connect between the first object and the second object that has been created.

Therefore, you must use the object Lines. You can find the location at Insert and click Shapes.

How to draw this line is still the same as you draw the object shapes above. Just press left click, then drag from one main object to the second object.

5. Add 3D Model

In this second mind mapping object, you can add icons like the first shapes.

However, it is better if we use all the features available in Word, one of which is 3D Modeling.

You can find this 3-dimensional image on the tab Insert > 3D Models. After that, please type keywords to find images that match the text.

In this example, I use the word “Fruit” or fruit.

The advantages of this 3D we can rotate as much as 360 degrees, so we can choose the best angle of the model.

6. Add Custom Image

You can upload an image on your computer by clicking Insert > Pictures >This Device.

In addition to images, you can also upload icons. Website Freepick provides free icons that you can use for mind maps.

Then a new window will open and you just have to choose which image you want to upload to the document mind mapping.

Also make sure you use an image with a PNG extension with a transparent background so that it blends with the document background.

For example, I uploaded an egg.png image with a transparent background.

7. Write a Description of Connector or Derivative

This last step is optional, but no less important. We can create additional descriptions, derivatives, or ideas by creating a new, smaller object.

For example, you can see in the mind map that I have made below. Cool isn’t it?

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