AmelinusHow to Prevent and Overcome the Danger of Malware. The performance of a computer system can be damaged or disrupted by one of the threats called Malware. Malicious Software or Malware is malicious software. The purpose of making malware is to damage your computer system through the internet or when accessing certain data. In addition, hackers also use .

Malware as a tool to steal data. Malware can also be a virus. In short, all malicious software is part of Malware, such as trojans, adware, spyware, ransomware. So broadly speaking, Malware is malicious software with a very broad scope, while viruses are smaller in scope.

Here are some ways to minimize and avoid getting malware on your laptop or PC;

Installing a Trusted Antivirus

One of the fortresses to avoid Malware from entering easily is to install an antivirus. There are many types of antivirus that you can use, for example avira, smadav, kaspersky, and so on. You can use the free version if you think the original version is quite expensive.

But keep in mind that the free version certainly has its drawbacks compared to the original version. In addition, you can use and take advantage of the default antivirus from Windows, namely Windows Defender. You also have to frequently update the database so that malware can be detected quickly.

Be careful when opening the site

You should avoid opening illegal sites, such as opening fake sites to download pirated movies or games. This is because Malware can infiltrate through these sites. Especially if you access it without using antivirus protection first.

If you are desperate to access and leave the system unprotected by antivirus. Then the potential for being exposed to viruses or malware will be very large, for example ransomware. If your computer system has already been exposed to Malware, you can check it in Safe Mode. The trick is to restart your computer and then press the F8 key just before the Windows logo appears. Do it repeatedly if it fails.

If it is successful, a Safe Mode option will appear, including the option of not connecting to an internet connection, connecting to an internet connection, or Command Prompt. Choose one of these options and Safe Mode will run automatically, run a check on your faulty device and fix it. This is one way if a system error occurs due to being exposed to Malware.

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