Knowing or Showing the Location of the Realme Tab Bar– Knowing or Displaying the Location of the Realme tab bar Knowing or Displaying the Location of the Realme tab bar – The layout of the Tab bar is much sought after by discussions on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Until now, the topic of Realme tab’s Location Bill, Realme C2’s tab’s Location Bill, How to Show Hidden Files on Realme is currently being searched for in 1 hour. For that we will discuss How to Show Hidden Files on Realme which you can read later. Curious how to show hidden files in realme or location Realme Tab Bar.

What is realme billah tab

What are the reviews of Realme Billah this tab is a hot topic of discussion. Why did the topic of Realme tab’s Bar Layout go viral? because there is news media. In addition, there are also groups that participate in the discussion. So that the Realme tab Billah Layout review is getting viral and we are interested in making an article. Here are the results of our research regarding the Location of the Realme C2 tab.

How to View Hidden Files on Realme

Realme is a Shenzhen-based Android smartphone maker that does more than just rebrand Oppo smartphones. As you can see, Realme has a feature to hide files like Tab Bill, videos, audios, documents, etc. How to fix this problem? In this article we will help you find a solution to find hidden files on Realme. Here’s the complete guide below.

  • The first thing you have to do is open Settings on your realme smartphone via Status Billah or in the application list select Settings.
  • Then scroll down, find and select Fingerprint, Face and Password or search through the search icon on the top right
  • If so, just select the Privacy Passcode section to activate it
  • And select Personal Vault and follow the instructions to enter PIN lock code, question and fingerprint sensor
  • Done, now on your application list page an application called Safe will appear. You can unlock it by using your pin code or using your fingerprint.
  • In this Personal Safe app, files like Photos, Videos, Audios, Documents and more are hidden.

How to hide files on a realme cellphone

Realme itself provides a feature to hide files privately or privately with complete security which can be said to be very solid. Like in realme 5, where for personal storage can be given three security. Starting from security using passwords, fingerprints, even face detection. It will be very difficult for people who want to open and want to know your privacy.

Not only that, maybe those who are familiar with realme phones don’t know where and where the personal safe is. Because it is very safe, and may be difficult for others to reach. Well, of course you don’t know how to hide it, please see below:

  • First, please select the file, whether it’s photos, videos, pictures, documents, files and many others.
  • Please select photo files, documents, videos, in the file manager to make it even easier.
  • If you have selected you can hide them simultaneously and one by one. Please hold down the file you want to hide, then select another one, then just choose set as private.
  • Then the file will automatically disappear in the public, in other words, other people will not find it.

That’s my explanation about knowing or displaying the location Realme Tab Bar hopefully useful, thank you.

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