For those of you, Mobile Legends game players, of course you are familiar with one of the items, namely the Necklace of Durance or NOD. These items have a great influence in the Mobile Legends game. This of course will affect your game in order to win.

Necklace of Durance is an item whose use is devoted to mage or support. The effect of this item is to give the hero 60 magic power, 5% cooldown reduction, and 10% magical lifesteal.

In addition to these effects, the Necklace of Durance item also has a passive which is very useful for countering the opponent. The effect is called Life Drain which will reduce the opponent’s regen by 50% which lasts for 3 seconds.

If you want to be more proficient in playing Mobile Legend, especially using NOD items. Here we will provide tips so that you can win lots of matches and get lots of prizes.

Tips for Proficiently Using NOD . Items

We will provide some tips for you to use NOD items when playing Mobile Legends. Of course, if played well and correctly, you will easily win the game. Here are tips on how to use it, especially hero mages.

Recognizing the Characteristics of the Opposing Hero

The first tip is that you have to recognize the characteristics of your opponent’s haro. If your opponent uses a hero with a high regen or lifesteal, then the NOD item is very useful. Because the effect of the item will make the opponent’s hero easy to beat.

Proper Use of NOD Items

NOD items must be used at the right time for you to win the match. So if the opponent uses the hero Alice, Uranus, Estes, Rafaela, Argus, Dyrroth to Alucard. So NOD is very appropriate to use in order to defeat these heroes easily.

Powerful Hero Using NOD

A very powerful hero using NOD items is a mage. Especially if you use a mage that has a wide area of ​​attack. Make sure you use haro poke, so the attack will give a more deadly effect to the enemy.

The Right Time to Buy NODO Items

Time must also be considered when you want to buy NOD items. If your opponent uses a hero like Estes or Alucard, then the right time is during the early game. Make NOD purchases during the early game to mid game. Don’t buy it when you enter the late game.

Use Other Items With Effects Like NOD

Of course there are items other than NOD that have the same effect as NOD. Another item with a similar effect is the Sea Halberd which is used specifically for physical heroes. In addition, the Dominance Ice item used for tank heroes is very powerful.

Those are some tips that you can do when you want to use NOD items in the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully these tips can help you win the game easily.

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