Home Design Applications – Doing home decorations is one of the most enjoyable things when you already have a dream house, especially if the home decoration is not done by a home maker or using interior or exterior services. Decorating the house is a must that you do after the house is finished and ready to live. Some people may think that designing a house is something complicated and not easy, but with the sophistication of today’s technology, especially smartphone technology, you can design a house using only your smartphone.

Yes, it is true that there are several applications that can help you design a house, which will provide design ideas that you can imitate and apply in your home. You can get some design ideas in the form of real photos or in the form of 3D designs or even you can do a floor plan design as is usually done by architects.

The home design application will really help you to create an overview of your dream home which you may later be able to give to professional architects, who with their expertise and professionalism will design your home according to your wishes.

Here’s a home design application that might be able to help you to give ideas and also input when you want to design a house without spending a lot of money and also without requiring a lot of expertise, especially in the field of architecture.

Home Design Apps


The home design application this time is the one you can use to see design ideas that you don’t have, with this application you can do interior decorations before you buy. The method is very easy, you just need to download this application and click on the image in the room you want to create, then select the colors you want to use, which you think match the interior design you want. You can also download this home design application for free, you only need to access the Play Store and you can download it for free.


Who doesn’t know this one social media application, this time the social media application is Pinterest which is already well known from the last few years, which is a social media that provides lots of beautiful photos of home designs. Actually, on Pinterest, not only house designs but house designs are indeed one of the favorite categories of people to access this social media because Pinterest has many home designs that we can follow.

You can download Pinterest on the Google Play Store or on the App Store, and you only need to register an account, and you can start looking for a collection of home design ideas that will help you design your home. On Pinterest, there are many home design categories available, ranging from European styles to Indonesian or Asian styles.

So this one home design application, or social media Pinterest will help you to determine the style of home design you want.


If you want to design a house in the form of a floor plan instead of a 3D view or interior exterior design ideas, then this home design application will be very helpful for you because with the Smartdraw application, you can design houses just like architects do, more easily and easily. faster.

Floor Plan Creator

For those of you who have the desire to design a house in detail, you can use this one home design application because with application In this one house design, you can use a 2D or 3D display design. Not only that for those of you who want to make a more professional home design, and it also looks realistic. You should use this one application because with this application you can create professional designs and look very realistic like other professional architects.

In addition there are many features that will help you to design a house, such as an automatic calculator to calculate the number of rooms and also the area of ​​​​the room, making it possible to use this application as a discussion material for architects, and in this way architects will always immediately understand what kind of house. that you want to wake up. Another cool feature is that you can use virtual tours that will make it easier for you to imagine the rooms that you have designed.

Planner 5D

This design application is not only for 2D and 3D, interior and exterior designs but you will also get an application display with very capable features and really help you to design your dream home. You can also use the realistic appearance and editor features which are very helpful and without limitations. If you enter this application online you can access several online catalogs that can help you to design a house according to your wishes.


Sketchup is one application that is very helpful for designing a house but this application is only available on a desktop or laptop, for smartphones you can access it but it can only be done to view existing designs without being able to edit.

Because this application has high performance and also requires high hardware so that the Smartphone is not yet possible to use this application. The other application is also often used by architects to design both in terms of interior and exterior.

Those are some home design applications that you can use for free, which will also really help you to create and design your dream home. The part that feels complicated to design using existing applications, you should look for professional home design services so that they can do interior and exterior designs according to your wishes. Which is of course much more practical because you only need to describe what you want to have in a house, give a picture of your dream home, so that professionals in the field will design according to your wishes.

Using a home design service will also really help you in managing costs, so you will know how much it will cost when you want to build a house, because if you design your own you can design a house with a very high cost but the budget you have is beyond your budget. existing costs. In addition, using home design services will also be very helpful in determining the area of ​​​​the house according to the area of ​​​​land you have, your home will be more professional because there is no room that looks very narrow and other spaces look very large.

But for those of you who just want to find inspiration and also want to make designs that will later be given to professional architects, then the home design application above will really help you to give an idea about your dream house to professional architects.

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