Unreadable Sim Card – One of the problems when using a smartphone is that the SIM Card is not legible, this problem often interferes with our activities when using a Smartphone, especially if the SIM is not legible this occurs during important moments when using a Smartphone. Unreadable SIM cards can occur in all brands of HP and also all operating systems, because many factors can cause the sim to be unreadable. for that in this article we will discuss a little about the causes of the sim card not being read, why the sim card is not being read, and how to solve it.

Before going into further discussion, it is important to know that the sim card is usually unreadable due to a collision on the smartphone, so if you find out that your smartphone has recently been dropped, it could be that the sim card is not readable due to a collision that occurred when the cellphone fell. So without thinking, and without worrying, please open the SIM slot, then try to remove it again. But if that method does not provide a solution. Please you do some of the ways below.

Why is the SIM Card Unreadable?

Sim card is not read, of course not without reason, of course there are factors that affect the SIM card is not read. Here are some things that cause the SIM card to be unreadable that might happen.

Expired SIM Card

As we know SIM cards have a certain active period, each operator has a policy regarding the active period of a card. The validity period of the card is also usually influenced by the user to top up credit, be it regular credit or credit data. The more often the credit is filled, the longer the active period, so that the sim card will not expire.

But if you have an unreadable SIM card, you should try to check the validity period of your SIM card. because this is one of the causes of the sim card not being read.

Brass SIM Card Is Damaged

Another cause of the unreadable sim card is the Brass part, if we look at the SIM cards all have a brass part or a Brass plate in the middle of the card, this part should not be scratched or peeled off because this part is a very important part of the SIM card. While the white side is not the most important part of the SIM card.

So that this section needs to be considered and ensured that it is not scratched or peeled off, because if that happens then the simcard will not be read, and the only way to fix it is that you have to contact the operator’s office from your telecommunication service, so that you get a new SIM replacement with your cellphone number remains the same

Sim Card Too Hot

Sim card overheating is one of the causes of the SIM card not being read, but this is not because the sim card itself is hot, but the heat from this SIM card comes from your smartphone. If the performance of your smartphone is higher, of course, the use of hardware will increase, so that it can cause your cellphone to heat up. Some cellphones have the ability or technology to reduce heat, but if these features don’t work properly, of course your cellphone will overheat or overheat.

This excess heat will cause the sim card to be unreadable, the only way to fix it is you have to turn off your cellphone in a few minutes, until the temperature of your cellphone becomes normal again. When the temperature of the cellphone becomes normal, your SIM card will work as before.

Other Ways to Overcome an Unreadable SIM Card

Some of the causes above, we have explained with how to overcome them. But there are also other ways to solve the unreadable sim card. Maybe you’ve used some of the tips above but still your sim card is not being read, now some of the tips below can help you to overcome the sim card not being read.

Clean SIM Card

The first way to solve the unreadable sim card is to clean the SIM card. If you often use your cellphone in a dusty or dusty place, it might be that the small dust enters between the SIM slots of your cellphone. Which can cause the performance of the simcard to be disrupted because it is blocked by dust entering the SIM slot.

For this reason, the solution must be cleaned slowly and carefully, so as not to damage the yellow plate on the SIM card. Open your simcard slot and remove it carefully clean and then insert it back into your cellphone.

Try With Another SIM Card

There is nothing wrong if you try to insert another simcard into your cellphone, in this way you can diagnose whether your SIM card is damaged or your smartphone is damaged and can no longer read data from any simcard. This way you can solve the problem quickly, if indeed your smartphone can no longer read any cards. Of course you have to service or replace your smartphone.

But if you use another SIM card, your cellphone can read and capture the signal, then you can be sure that something is wrong with your SIM card, it could be sim card You or your SIM card is damaged, dirty or any of the things described above.

Network Settings

Another way to solve the unreadable sim card is to do a network reset, this is rare but it never hurts to try again. In a very easy way you can enter the settings menu on your cellphone, look for network settings and try to enable and disable the network, or if your cellphone has a network reset feature then use this feature.

Complete this method by restarting or restarting your cellphone, so that the stored settings can be run optimally. Don’t forget to try swapping SIM slot 1 to slot 2, if your cellphone has two SIM card slots available. Because it could be that one of the SIM slots has been damaged, causing the simcard to be unreadable.

Factory Reset

This is the last way that can be done on your cellphone when the simcard is not read, this method will reset all data on your cellphone, back to the factory default settings. So this method is not recommended, before you try all the methods above first. by means of a factory reset you will start the cellphone as if it came out of the manufacturer, without any data that you have entered before.

Contact Customer Service

The last way to solve the unreadable sim card is to call the service number from your operator service, here you will get guidance or assistance, maybe they will replace your SIM card with a new SIM card.

That’s how to solve an unreadable sim card, hopefully this article is useful and if it’s useful, don’t forget to share it.

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