Want To Know How To Live On Youtube- Although the YouTube live streaming feature has been present since April 2018, it turns out that there are still a number of users who don’t know how to live stream on YouTube via Android. You need to know, at the beginning of the appearance of the live streaming feature on YouTube, it could only be enjoyed by users who already had a minimum of 10,000 subscribers.

Some time later that number was reduced to just 1,000, so that in the end users only had hundreds of subscribers, but now they can live stream aka live streaming on YouTube. Following How to Live On Youtube.

How to Live on YouTube Via Android

But before that, there are two main requirements that you must fulfill first, namely having a youtube channel and the youtube application on your device must be upgraded first to the latest version. Now to update the youtube application, please open the google play store application > type the youtube keyword in the search field > then click the update button as shown in the following image.

How to update the YouTube app on the Google Play Store)

After the app has been successfully updated, you can now start logging in to the YouTube app > Click on the Add (+) icon located at the bottom center of your Android phone screen. By clicking on the Live Streaming option. Later, the YouTube app will ask for permission to access your phone’s location, camera and microphone > click Open Settings.

Later you will be directed to the Settings menu. Click the Permissions menu > then grant the YouTube app Permission to access your phone’s location, camera and microphone. Then just complete all the required information, from the video title, description to video privacy. If you have clicked the Next button.

Next, you will be asked to point the device. Do you want to record in Landscape or Portrait mode. If you want to record in Portrait Mode, then click the Stream in Portrait button. As soon as you select an orientation, a live stream will take place. If you want to end the stream, you just need to click on the Close button in the top right corner.

Youtube Live streaming Tool

Live streaming is currently a trend right now. When Covid-19 hit, PSBB was everywhere, we couldn’t go anywhere. Live streaming results become an alternative to replace meetings such as seminars and training. Many businesses and businesses are turning to the live streaming world today. Live streaming on YouTube is usually done through digital platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Zoom, and so on.

Video camera

Cameras, especially video recording cameras, are very crucial tools, they must be there when we want to do live streaming. Yes, of course there must be, we live streaming to display images. And we took pictures using the camera. But what kind of camera should we use for live streaming?

Actually, for live streaming, you don’t need to use extraordinary camera specifications. For simple live streaming using a webcam will suffice. But if you want to do live streaming with good quality, of course you also need a capable camera.


To produce a clearer sound when streaming Youtube live you need to add a microphone. Of course it would be very helpful to focus the sound capture on the speakers. Not much unwanted noise from outside.

The next Youtube live streaming equipment is a computer or laptop. And to process images and sound on a computer or laptop, a live streaming device in the form of software is needed.

That’s my explanation about wanting to know, right? How to Live on Youtube hopefully useful, thank you.

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