What is Buffering? When we use an internet connection we often hear the term buffering, especially when we play videos online. Sometimes when watching videos online via YouTube or other websites and the internet connection is interrupted, our colleagues say the video or media is buffering.

Is it really buffering that? What causes the buffering to occur? and how to avoid buffering? In this article I will provide complete answers to these questions.

what is buffering

What is buffering?

This term we often hear when we use an internet connection, especially if the internet connection is experiencing problems and experiencing a decrease in access speed, buffering often occurs when we use video player sites such as YouTube so that in a sense we know what buffering is, but perhaps understandingly we don’t really know what buffering is.

Buffering is an event that blocks access to online video and audio, this event occurs because the internet connection is unstable, generally occurs when the internet connection becomes slow, the process of accessing data to the audio or video file becomes hampered, and cannot be displayed in real-time to the user’s browser, after the term buffering occurs, or delays the process of displaying the video or audio to the user’s browser.

In the computerization process, we may usually hear the term loading, now loading itself is the process of creating a file which usually also depends on the speed of the device or hardware of the computer, if the computer is fast, the loading process will be fast too, well almost similar with the buffering process, which occurs when access to online video and audio media is carried out. when online is done to access video or audio, internet speed is very important to make video or audio which in the process does not experience delays or slow loading, this slow loading causes buffering or the term buffering appears in the online world.

Apart from the internet speed which greatly influences the occurrence of buffering or not, there are still several other things that cause the buffering process to occur

Causes of buffering

After knowing what buffering is, you may ask, what causes buffering? Apart from internet speed, here are some things that affect the loading or buffering process when we access video and audio media online.

1. Website traffic

Website traffic or traffic from a website will greatly affect the buffering process, when a video media is accessed online by thousands or millions of users simultaneously, and is not supported by a capable server speed, there will be a buffering process, or loading in accessing the video. or the audio. so that the server’s ability to accommodate very dense traffic on the website is one of the important things to avoid buffering.

an example of one of the largest video platforms in the world is YouTube, which has a very strong server and can accommodate millions, maybe billions of accesses per month, so we rarely find buffering on the platform. YouTube except for the constraints of the user’s internet speed.

2. Not supported by ISP service

This causes the buffering of a platform, it is not supported by the internet service provider or ISP. Maybe some ISPs have problems with some video and audio platforms, so that the access speed from the ISP is reduced when accessing the statue, this will cause the process of displaying the video and audio to the user’s browser to be hampered, so that there will be buffering in the user’s browser. Therefore, make sure your ISP or internet service provider does not reduce the speed when you access sites that display video or audio.

How to deal with buffering

Buffering is indeed very annoying, especially when you are serious about watching a video show or listening to podcasts in the form of audio files online, as much as possible we want to avoid buffering when accessing a video or audio site, I want to know how to overcome buffering, it is very important. It’s important to make your time accessing video sharing websites like YouTube enjoyable.

Here are some things you can do to overcome buffering.

1. Choose the video quality

When your internet connection is slow, then the process to display high quality video will be very difficult, so the most appropriate way is to choose a video quality that is not high quality or not HD quality. on video sharing platforms like YouTube we can choose the quality of the video displayed in our browser, from 144 pixels to full HD and even to 4k.

So when your internet connection slows down and you want to continue watching the show directly without any problems without buffering or loading, then the best way is to lower the quality of the video that appears in your browser. Thus, the loading process of the video will be faster, because the internet connection only loads files that do not have a large size, and the buffering process can be resolved, but maybe you don’t get comfort in watching because the quality of the video displayed is not so good.

2. Have high internet speed

If you have the choice to get a high internet connection from fiber optic or from your mobile internet, then you should choose a faster internet connection. so that there is no buffering when you watch videos or listen to audio online, nowadays many internet network companies offer many internet connections with high speed, of course the costs incurred are also very high when you want very fast internet speeds.

However, it will be proportional to the quality of the internet connection you get, using a high-speed internet connection, the buffering event will not occur and you will never find it. for that, if your need is to use the internet at high speed, then having a high internet speed is one thing you should pay attention to.

3. Stop the download or upload

Downloading a video or uploading a video to the internet requires a tight internet connection, so when you are doing the download or upload process it will affect your internet speed in accessing a platform like YouTube. so the next way to deal with buffering is to make sure No download is happening on your computer, or on any other computer on the same network, if you can be sure that’s much better.

But if you can’t make sure other computers are connected to the same network, just make sure that your computer is not downloading behind the scenes such as updating a software or updating your Windows operating system, this will really help with the speed of your internet connection in accessing the platform. video sharing like YouTube


So what is buffering and how does buffering occur and how to overcome it, hopefully this article is useful to add your insight into what buffering is, its causes, and how to handle it, and hopefully it will be very helpful when you experience frequent chapters when accessing videos online.

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