How to keep youtube running when opening other applications – One of the most frequently accessed platforms for finding entertainment is YouTube, with YouTube we can see a lot of entertainment and also learn a lot of things because there are also many tutorials from quality channels. But watching YouTube is usually interrupted by other activities on our smartphones, for example notifications from chatting, or when we want to chat with other people using applications like WhatsApp. Well, when we open an application, YouTube will be permanently stopped, and can only run the YouTube application again after we close other applications. Then how to keep YouTube running when opening other applications?

YouTube that keeps running when opening other applications is a very nice thing if it is true and can happen, because we will not be disturbed by other activities when using a smartphone, coupled with when we run YouTube. So that the YouTube that we watch, continues to run even though we use other applications on our smartphones. Can it be like that, here we summarize in this article how YouTube keeps running when opening other applications.

How To Keep Youtube Running When Opening Other Applications

Doing a split screen

For those of you Android users, you may rarely use this feature, but this feature has been around since Android 7 or Android N, with this split feature you can do multitasking, which is to open several application without closing them. You can also do YouTube playback, while using other apps using split screen. how to use it is also quite easy, just press and drag the YouTube application to a certain section and YouTube can be used with applications or features from the split screen.

If you don’t know what splitscreen is maybe you can look for a tutorial on YouTube How to use split screen on your Android phone, because the latest Android phones of course already have this split screen feature which will really help you to do multitasking, including using YouTube while open another application.

Picture in picture

Apart from the split screen found on Android or Android 7, the next version of Android also has a feature that allows you to use one application running on top of another, or commonly known as picture in picture, picture-in-picture itself is usually found on Android 8 or Oreo version, whose features may be exactly the same and similar to split screen, the difference is that split screen splits the screen as the name suggests split, namely splitting the screen, in this picture-in-picture feature, the screen is not split, only the application that you make picture-in This picture will have a small screen in the lower right corner, so you can use other applications while using the application that is being set as picture-in-picture. now you can use YouTube with this feature while using other applications without disturbing YouTube running.

How to use it is very easy, you can play YouTube first and press the home button in the player section there will be 1 small screen, namely a floating YouTube window which, when you are, the YouTube window can become large, When Beautiful YouTube becomes small, you can use other applications while using YouTube.

YouTube music

The next way to keep YouTube running when you open another application is YouTube Music. If you usually use YouTube just to hear music or audio files, why don’t you try YouTube music as an alternative to playing music on YouTube. Because YouTube music is structured to play audio files that are on the YouTube platform, and this application you can run in the background so that you can use this application while using other applications at the same time, so you can use other applications without having to interrupt the music that is playing using this music YouTube app.

If you haven’t installed this application, please go directly to the Play Store, because this application is not installed by default on a smartphone, it is not a default application from a smartphone. You need to search for it in Play Store and install it manually

YouTube premium

The way to keep YouTube running when you open another application is YouTube premium, if you don’t find a solution in some of the ways above then YouTube premium is a way to keep YouTube running when opening other applications, this is arguably the best friend because this method is highly recommended. by YouTube.

For that YouTube made YouTube premium So that you can use YouTube more freely and according to your wishes, you can use this application behind the scenes or use this application while using other applications, by using the premium YouTube application you can use YouTube without ads, so the videos you watch or the videos you play on YouTube will not be disturbed by advertisements which are often unpleasant.

From the name alone YouTube premium, of course this is a paid application from YouTube, so you have to spend money to be able to use the premium YouTube application. But, you don’t have to worry because this YouTube application doesn’t make you spend a lot of money every month, because the premium YouTube subscription price is very cheap, you can pay less than IDR 100,000 per month.

The price may be different every month, so this article may be different from the original price from YouTube premium, because the price has changed earlier. For that, just check on the YouTube premium application which you can download on the Play Store


Those are some ways to keep YouTube running when opening other applications, which hopefully this method can be the answer for those of you looking for the best way How to run YouTube when opening other applications. Of the several ways to keep YouTube running when opening other applications, which one is the most recommended? Yes, of course it is a subscription to YouTube premium because YouTube premium is a platform recommended by YouTube, for those of you who want to play audio and video files on YouTube without having to stay in the application, it means you can run YouTube behind the scenes while you can multitask with other applications. .

Or if you are forced to don’t want to subscribe to YouTube premium, and can’t follow the way to keep YouTube running when you open other applications above, of course you have to use other devices or other devices to play YouTube and use it for activities. Maybe you can use other devices that you can buy maybe at a price of around 500,000 specifically to play YouTube on the smartphone, or for those who have a laptop, you can use a laptop as a device to play YouTube. So you will not be disturbed by activities on your smartphone.

How are you interested in trying some applications and ways to keep YouTube running when opening other applications above, hopefully the way to keep YouTube running when opening other applications above is quite helpful, huh. Don’t forget if this article is useful, share this article with as many people as possible so that it can be helped too

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