First, How to Find Out Who Unfollowed Manually

This method is a good choice for Instagram accounts that don’t have many followers. If you have more than a thousand followers, it will take you a long time to go through your entire “Follower” list. If there is a large discrepancy between the number of accounts you follow and the number of accounts that follow you, this may not be the best solution for you.

Basically, you can check who unfollowed you by comparing the “Followers” ​​and “Following” lists. First, go to your “Following” list, select an account, then look in the “Followers” ​​list

If you want to check if someone specifically unfollowed your Instagram account, here’s what to do.

1. Open your Instagram app on your mobile device.

2. Tap your profile picture in the lower right corner of your screen.

3. Go to “Follower” in the top right corner of your profile.

4. Tap the “Search” bar at the top of the page.

5. Enter the username of the person you suspect is unfollowing you.

If they are not on the “Followers” ​​list, it means they either unfollowed you or they never followed you back.

Second, How to Find Out Who Unfollowed Through Third-Party Applications

Since the manual method may be time consuming, especially if you have a large following, it is much more efficient to install a third party app.

There are several third-party apps that you can use to check who unfollowed you. Keep in mind that not all of these apps are credible or safe to use, as there is still the possibility of offering incorrect information. Not to mention that many of these apps can’t track Instagram’s new API. So, it is important to sort or choose a credible and trusted application.

Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to log into your Instagram account via the app and grant permission to access your Instagram related data. If you are not comfortable providing your data, it is better to skip this method.

These kinds of apps track your profile activity, not just who unfollowed you. For example, some apps will tell you who didn’t follow you back, who you didn’t follow back, who blocked you, who recently followed you, and so on. Some of these features require an in-app purchase or an app upgrade to the premium version.

The following are recommendations for third-party applications that are suitable for you to use and are certainly safe;

1. Reports: Followers Tracker

This app is not only useful for tracking who unfollowed you, but also for various other engagement statistics. This can be very useful for social media managers and influencers. The app is easy to use, but comes with some in-app purchases.

Reports: Followers Tracker lets you see who followed and unfollowed you, which profiles interacted with your account, profiles that didn’t follow you back, etc. It even lets you use multiple Instagram accounts at once.

2. Followers Insights: Profile +

If you want to know who unfollowed your Instagram profile, this app can help, you can also use it to see who hasn’t followed you back and who blocked you. This application is available on various types of OS between iPhone and Android devices. To get the full version with more complete features, you will be charged a fee.

3. FollowMeter

FollowMeter is available for iOS and Android devices. It has a simple dashboard, and is easy to use. With this app, you’ll be able to track who unfollowed you and who didn’t follow you back, who viewed your Instagram Stories now, accounts that liked your posts now, users who blocked you, and much more. However, some of these features are only available for Subscription for a fee.

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