Sluruls – Until now, there are tons of apps that will make it easy for everyone to watch their favorite series. It’s no surprise that most people are looking for a way to subscribe to WeTV. Because the APK contains a lot of the best dramas or movies.

Steps to Register WeTV

Before you subscribe, of course, you have to register first, right? Even if you use the web or an application, you can both use an active cell phone number. You can also use Facebook or other accounts. Here are the steps:

  • If you want to use a mobile number, just enter it into the registration field.
  • Later the application will send a verification code.
  • Usually it will take the form of using a text message.
  • The code will then be entered in the command box.
  • You will be asked to enter a password of 8 characters.

But when you want to use Facebook or Line, you only need to enter data such as email and password. Only then can you directly click continue so that later accounts from WeTV can be accessed.

When all the steps above have been done, several dramas or series will appear that can be watched for free. Of course, this stage has not yet entered on how to subscribe to WeTV, right.

Tricks for WeTV Subscription

When you want to see some dramas that you have to subscribe to, of course there will be a way to make it easy to register. If you have never used this Apk before, you can immediately follow the steps below:

  • First login to the application and then directly click on the option from the account menu.
  • There will be an option to join the VIP.
  • Then several packages appear which are divided into 3 options.
  • You can choose the package according to your wish.
  • Then click the menu with the words buy now.
  • Then you will be asked to fill in some payment data.

But for now, you can make transactions using a mask card credit card, American express and also Visa. If the payment has been successfully made, then all VIP movies can be viewed.

Advantages of Watching Movies on WeTV

Are you one of the people who really like watching a drama from abroad. Starting from Korea, China and even to Thailand. So, WeTV is the best place. If you don’t believe me, here’s a review of the advantages:

  1. Asian Movies and Dramas with Indonesian Subtitles

When you are a lover of Asian dramas such as Korea and China, this application always offers streaming service recommendations. In fact, they often update various kinds of films so that each user will not be left behind.

What’s even more unique is that they always provide Indonesian subtitles. Everyone who subscribes does not need to worry anymore. As a result, every audience can more easily understand the contents of the storyline.

  1. Always Provide Exclusive Content

Another advantage is that users can see various kinds of exclusive content that certainly won’t be missed. It even includes several films or drama series originating from within to abroad.

You will even be able to enjoy special shows from the WeTV application. Even the tribe will certainly not be seen by people who have not subscribed. Pretty interesting isn’t it?

  1. Can Watch Movies on Gadgets

When you subscribe to the application, you can certainly get convenience. Because watching your favorite movie can be through two devices at once. Namely by using a smartphone or TV screen.

What’s even more interesting is that when you subscribe, you will get a special price offer in movie rentals. Because there are indeed some premium movies that can be rented if you have a VIP account.

Isn’t it easy to subscribe to WeTV? With a fairly cheap price, you don’t have to worry about dry pockets. Moreover, you can access all the VIP movies in it.

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