Amelinus – Have you ever searched for a way to turn off Lazada notifications? Usually the application is always updating some notifications to its users. But sometimes in some conditions it even makes it annoying because the cellphone always vibrates or makes a sound.

What exactly is Lazada?

For people who still don’t know it, Lazada was actually first founded by Rocket Internet. This is a company headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Then in 2011, the office of the marketplace was located in Singapore.

The initial launch of the application was actually in 2012 in March. As for the business model itself, it has goods in the warehouse so that it will later be sold online. Then a year later, third-party stores were able to sell on the APK.

Even now able to operate in several countries from Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and even Indonesia. Actually, it is almost similar to the big retail Amazon because it wants to dominate the Southeast Asian market. As a result, many investors are interested in investing.

Trick and How to Disable Lazada Notifications

If indeed you also feel the same way, it seems that finding a way to turn off these notifications is the most appropriate step. Actually the process is fairly easy, but if you’ve never been there, it’s confusing. As a result, you can follow the following reviews:

  • The first step is to open the Lazada application.
  • You can use your own smartphone.
  • Then just choose the account menu option.
  • Precisely in the lower right corner.
  • Then you can directly click the settings menu.
  • The menu has an icon like a gear, and is in the upper right corner.
  • Make sure your phone has an internet connection.
  • In the settings menu, you can directly select the message menu.
  • There are many menu choices.
  • So just deactivate the Lazada application.
  • Usually just just tap the right side.
  • Initially green, it turns gray.
  • When you want to activate it, just tap it again.

Maybe for several cellphones that have different brands, usually there will be differences at each stage. But it should be understood if it is not too significant. So of course it can still be used as a reference in deactivating the notification.

Functions of Disabling Lazada Notifications

After knowing how to turn off Lazada notifications. So of course you have to understand actually why these people do this. If you’re curious, here are some of its functions:

When you turn off notifications, it means that your daily activities will not be disturbed. Because there are no more notifications that are considered less important. Other functions can also save battery, so that when you take it out of the house it always lasts until you get home.

When resting, of course, it will not interfere because such a notification appears. The screen on the cellphone will also not be full because of the Lazada notification. When at an official event or meeting room, the cellphone can be silent because the notification doesn’t come in.

Other Benefits when Turning Off Notifications on Cellphones

Actually, that’s not all, because there are still other benefits if you decide to check for notifications from Lazada. Where it has to do with your comfort and even other people. So that no one feels disturbed.

For example, when you are in a hospital, of course, by disabling this notification it will not disturb the people in the room. Especially if you enter the inpatient room.

Especially when in the middle of a meeting and meeting a client, by disabling this notification, the chat doesn’t stop in the middle of a discussion. This is preferred, because it is a plus and makes you more professional.

It’s quite easy, isn’t it, how to turn off Lazada notifications? Guaranteed there will be no more confusion because the motive can stop and will not interfere. As a result, daily activities can

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