Sluruls – It’s a shame that there is no app that officially lets you unfollow all accounts on Instagram at once. Although many applications on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store claim to be able to do it.

But, believe me, none of the apps have managed to do that. In the end, you’re just wasting your time. Are you curious about how to manually unfollow accounts on Instagram and why you should do it? Read to the end of this article.

Let Look Application-Unfollow app on Instagram

Hundreds of unfollowed apps are the first thing that comes up when you search for this topic on Google. Some of these applications did work in the past, but not now. If you take a look at the reviews of these apps, you’ll see that all the reviews have fairly high ratings, even though more than half of the people say that the apps don’t work.

These apps are not only a waste of time, but most of them also want to trick you. They steal your information or your money if you decide to pay for the premium version. In fact, there is absolutely no Unfollow Instagram app with a similar name and description that works correctly

Don’t be in a hurry to fall in love with the Instagram unfollow app! Using the Unfollow Instagram application can even make your IG account temporarily or permanently blocked. Not only that, the application can also steal your login information and other important info.

Avoid downloading unfollowed apps on the Google Play Store, App Store, and especially third-party apps and sites like AirGrow. The only way is to manually unfollow the account on IG. Or another way?

Start over on Instagram

If you are struggling to unfollow all accounts on Instagram, why not create a new one? This method is much easier than manually unfollowing everyone, bots and pages on Instagram. Plus point, you will save more time and effort.

Download Instagram on your phone (the web version is very limited) via the official app store for your phone. Here is the link for the device Android and iOS. You will also need a new email address and/or mobile number.

You cannot use the same number or email that you used for your previous account. How to register is also very easy. Just follow the on-screen instructions and enter the requested information. Confirm your email or phone number, and your account will be ready to use.

With the new account, you can follow whoever you want, and start over. Apparently, this idea is much better than dabbling with unofficial apps from Instagram or manually unfollowing everyone on IG.

Delete your Instagram Account Follow Manually

Although a little more difficult, this method is also not a bad choice. If you want to unfollow only some IG accounts, it’s better to do it manually. This way, you can keep your old IG profile and also control who you follow.

This method is a middle ground, as you can keep the followers you want, and remove the others. While it’s self-explanatory, here’s how to manually delete your followers on IG:


  1. Log in to your IG account.

  1. Tap Your Profile (the icon in the lower right corner of the screen).

  1. Tap Followers or their number section at the top center of your screen

  1. Go to your follower list and hit Remove to the right of their username.

  1. Confirm by clicking Delete.

  1. Repeat these steps as many as the number of accounts you want to remove from the follower list.
  2. You can also apply this method to the accounts you follow without the need for confirmation.

You can use the least-interacted and most-viewed features to help you remove people you follow, such as spammers and inactive people.

Important Things to Pay Attention to

You will look suspicious if you suddenly unfollow many people at once. Try unfollowing gradually, stopping before reaching 50 accounts so it doesn’t appear to have dropped significantly. After that, you can repeat the steps to unfollow it every 1 hour until the number you want. People you unfollow won’t notice unless they visit your profile.

Another thing to note is that Instagram only gives a quota of 7,500 following caps. That means you can’t follow more people than that, but you can have some followers. Like some celebrities, it sure feels good when they have millions of followers.

If you want to use IG for business, then you have to specifically look after your followers and following ratio. If you have a very poor follower rate (for example, only half of the people who follow you back), you may be considered a non-serious business account.

Most Instagram users just use it for fun. Even so, simplifying your Instagram feed is a very good option. Why should you see posts from people you don’t like? Also consider unfollowing spammers who post every hour to get attention.

Lastly, you may want to remove all inactive IG profiles from your follower list, even if they are not harming you.

Be User Instagram smart one

Don’t be a victim of online scams. Remember, there is no legal way to unfollow everyone on IG. You have to be careful even if you do it manually. If you don’t want your account to be blocked, limit the number of unfollowed accounts at a time.

Instagram has very strict policies, so be sure to follow all of its terms. Remember, creating a new account is not a bad solution. Especially if you continue to follow a lot of people. Try to share your opinion about this in the comments column!

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