Amelinus – A name can sometimes give its own charm. Therefore, it would not hurt for you to try using a Japanese name generator. The trick is to take advantage of a special platform or site so that you can change the name to a Japanese name.

Getting to Know Japanese Writing in General

Today there are several Japanese scripts that are commonly used. Among them Katakana, Hiragana, and Kanji. These three writings are the most popular today. Of course it can make the font style cooler so there’s no harm in trying it to make it more interesting.

Moreover, many people need this for schoolwork when learning how to change names to Japanese script. Generally, this is used to create a profile name on social media so that later it looks more unique.

Not only that, make sure to study the various Japanese writings if you really want to pursue their knowledge. Of course, this makes translating names very important for some people to learn, so don’t miss it.

Recommendation Japanese Name Generator

Of course it would be very interesting if you could change a name to a Japanese name. Especially if you have been interested in the language for a long time. Only by utilizing the sophistication of technology, then anyone can make it. Below are the recommendations:

  1. Japanese Name Generator

Did you know that nowadays a person only needs to use an online site if they want to change their name for free easily. Therefore, try to use this method so that later the name can be changed to a Japanese name.

One of them is through the site With the Japanese name generator, anyone can change their Japanese name. Of course it is very suitable for those of you who are curious to immediately change the name but in an easy and fast way.

  1. Katakana Keyboard

Another site you can use to translate names into Japanese is With the Katakana Keyboard feature, every visitor can use it easily, practically, and of course free of charge.

Of course, the existence of this site can be a breakthrough and a shortcut for everyone who wants to change their name to Japanese writing. This one site itself is already very popular, therefore of course there is no harm in trying to use it.

  1. Tools for Language Learners

If you want to have your own Japanese name to make a work like a novel or just a game, then there’s nothing wrong with using Tools for Language Learners. Precisely on the site.

The site will suggest a Japanese name for you. Be it a boy’s or a girl’s name. How to use it is also very easy. One only needs to enter their gender and date of birth in order to later come up with their own Japanese name.

  1. Kanji Name

When you want to change your name to Kanji, you don’t have to worry anymore. The reason is, like the previous methods, it is enough to use a site to translate names into Japanese for free without costing a penny.

All you have to do is open your browser application. Then, visit the site If you have, then just translate the name into Japanese writing. Of course, this method is very easy to do even for a beginner.

That was a complete explanation of the Japanese name generator that you can know. Now anyone can easily change their name to Japanese. Of course, this method will not spend a lot of time or money and can be done anywhere you want.

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